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20-08-12, 04:46 AM
Quest is thrilled to announce Carlos Tabernaberri as the winner of our 2010 Equitarian Award.

After thoroughly assessing the nominees, our Judge, Lyn White , said she could not think of a more worthy recipient. “He really endeavours to get people to see things through the eyes of the horse, creating empathy not just for horses but all animals. He seems to be a lovely man and has great compassion for both people and horses.”

The nominating individual said that his work “is just simply amazing, it is so very gentle and he brings the confidence back to both horse and rider. He travels all over the world helping horses and people. He always tells his clients that he is only a phone call away with we need help or have questions. He also does amazing work with brumbies and helps to train and find homes to orphaned foals.”

We at Quest love that Carlos acknowledged his nomination while overseas assisting the Irish welfare horse trust!

Congratulations Carlos and thank you for your contrubutions to equine welfare on behalf of all equines!

A great article at the Horsetalk site on Carlos winning the award can be found here (http://horsetalk.co.nz/2012/08/16/award-recognises-gentle-horse-trainers-work/#.UDEjC93iZrz).

Jane D i G i u s e p pe
Committee Member

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