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24-03-00, 02:49 AM
I am judging at Toowoomba Royal next week.
They send a funny letter that says you will be judging something.... and to the other judge the same = apparently the decide who goes where when you get there...fine... no worries... I will leaveo ut the bit where we are getting there three days early(!)...
But nayway, finally about two weeks before show word is out who is judging... straight away - because I know someone who has sold a horse up that way it is all cooked up to give it champion.. I MIGHT NOT EVEN BE JUDGING THE %^$%^ thing - I don't know which ring I'm in - and further more as retired could tell you I have never been a fan of it...
THEN... someone gets into the committee's ear on how unsuitable I am as a judge... and they will take their ball and go home...give back my entries I wouldn't darken the door if she... etc..
So *sigh* request for resume...
I will state quietly here and now - that in 30 years of judging I have never had anything like this happen, and once you are in ring centre you don't know anyone - it simply doesn't pay.
I'll stick my resume on the bottom of this, and the cyberhorse community can see if they think I am worthy of standing in ring centre anywhere...
Lastly I could cheerfully tell the show society to stick their show, and the only reason I'm not doing that is that the RQ who has caused all of this and his bearded Victorian friend would then say the society got rid of me... but, as anyone who knows me will tell you - I am very, very patient....

Read On - and I'm not bragging here.

Fran Cleland

Personal Details. Journalist, currently horse columnist for the Weekly Times newspaper.Married to Reg Cleland, the Chairman of the Equestrian Federation of Australia, Victorian Branch, a body with 4500 members

§ 20 years journalist for Rural Press Victoria, including general reporting, editor of “Hoofs and Horns” a national equestrian magazine, for 10 years, and writing a popular “Homestead” column from 1980 to 1999.

§ Twice winner of the RAS journalism award for Best Show Story. Runner Up on three occasions, placed in RAS photography awards on two occasions.

§ Acted as the horse specialist on the Victorian Government Animal Welfare Advisory Committee from 1989 –1992.

§ Co-Founder of the Victorian Horse Council.

§ Conducted a two-year 15 minute weekly horse program on Countrywide from 1990.

§ Author of two books, From The Homestead, a collection of reader’s favorite columns, and co-authored with Dr Peter Huntington - Horse Sense – a text book which is now going into it’s third re-print.

§ Assisted in the production of the Victorian Government funded video on horse care.

§ Worked with Speld to get assistance and recognition for dyselxic children.

§ Judged Royal Shows, Melbourne 1991, Brisbane 1995 1997 Hobart 1985 – 1997. Horse of the Year Shows in WA, NSW, Tasmania, Northern Territory and at large interstate shows in all states. Judged local Agricultural Shows for 30 years.

§ Exhibited saddle and led winners at Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Royal shows, and at the Barastoc Horse of the Year Show.

* Previous ringmaster for eight years of the Barastoc Horse of the Year show, which is the biggest horse show in Victoria.

§ Royal Agricultural show Announcer with the famous John Nash for 1989. First woman to hold that position.

* Committee Member of the Kilmore Agricultural Society.

§ Participated in a phone group, read for the visually impaired discussion forum.

I'm also available for bar mitzvahs, nude table top dancing and Alice Band Parties....

24-03-00, 03:13 AM
Fran, correct me if i'm wrong...they invited you to judge..and NOW they're asking for your resume?
Surely they would be well aware of your credentials prior to inviting you to judge? God, I would be so tempted to tell them to shove it...
It all seems too 'cloak and dagger' for me!

24-03-00, 06:18 AM
Fran, I've probably been around for longer than you have! I'm not a grandma and never will be, but I'm about to be a god-grandma - if that makes sense. There has always been a Fran Cleland for as long as I can remember and never have I heard your name mentioned in any way but a most positive one. I have met you once years ago - you brought a glimmer of commonsense to a Victorian Dressage Club meeting. No mincing of words, no "dressing up" - just out with the words that needed to be said.

Your book "Horse Sense" (there are 2 books called Horse Sense, gentle reader - the other is crap) should be a must for all NCAS students and anybody else who even thinks about owning a horse. SALLY are you there????

I find the actions of the Toowoomba Show people absolutely repugnant. No wonder you're so disappointed in the human race - a lesser person would throw the whole thing back in their respective faces. Go and kick butt. Good on you!!!

24-03-00, 07:11 AM
Fran, when did you last judge in WA?? Are you coming over again soon? We will have you no worries!

24-03-00, 08:07 AM
Last in WA aobut 10 years ago... haven't been asked since - must be too ooooooooold!

Jan Heine
24-03-00, 09:14 AM
Nowhere in your resume could I find the most important and relevant facts - how much have you earned over the years through bribery and corruption (now come on the tax man doesn't read THIS forum) and how much are you charging for a first through to sixth place and how much for a Champion sash!?

OK now you know where you went wrong eh!?

(On a serious note - makes you wonder why you bother doesn't it? - As someone else said "they asked you to judge" - you didn't beg them to let you come to glorious Tooowooomba to sit around for 3 days and then face that sort of crap!)

PS: Maybe someone read this forum and you weren't "excited" enough about going!

Jan Heine
24-03-00, 10:15 AM
Fran - copied this one from Michelle's link to Saddler Sam questions and answers! Mmmmmmm made me laugh but I think you should check whether this is in the Tooowooomba rule book!

"BR from Mt Isa had a problem with a judge marking her down because her sister was considered to be standing too close to the class when, in the same class, her friend had an auntie standing the same distance away but was not similarly marked down.
Yes BR, this is correct. The rules for equipment classes clearly state that a blood relative may not stand within 20 metres of the ring. More distant relatives (such as aunties) are allowed to stand within 15 metres and people related by marriage only are permitted to encroach to the 12.5 metre mark."

24-03-00, 01:27 PM
I would steward for you any day just to learn what I could from you in that short space of time.
Can you tell I am now one of your loyal and faithful subjects ,oh Royal One?!!!!

25-03-00, 02:22 AM
fran cleland doesn't need to recite a resume - fran cleland is fran cleland!!! i could go on but i'd sound like a groupie or something lmao