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25-08-05, 09:11 AM
Can anyone tell me how you get rid of worms once a horse has them. I have never owned a horse who has had worms and have no idea what to do. Its a horse I am looking at leasing, and definately wont be bringing it to my property until it is treated. Cheers.

25-08-05, 09:28 AM
Every horse you have ever had has had worms. We do our best, but every horse has a worm burden to some degree.

Find out if the horse has been wormed before and what with. Then go to your saddlery and buy a wormer with a different chemical as it's best to rotate them (not the brandnames, the chemicals). If you bring the horse home, keep him confined to a small area, use the wormer & watch for the result as you may need to repeat in a couple of weeks if he is seriously infested. Confinement will mean that the dead worms, eggs etc will be contained & can be disposed of without contaminating your paddocks.

Read the labels carefully so you know when to worm your horse again & if you have other horses I'd suggest doing them all, with the same drug & at the same time and get into a regular routine.

25-08-05, 10:08 AM
Hi dal,

Yep, dragonlady has pretty much summed it up for you :)

I'm a little concerned that you say you have never owned a horse with worms?
So, that means to me, that you use a worming paste regularly on your horses (?), but have never read the packaging?? :(

OR, it means that you have never used a worming paste on your horses.........:( which means your horses have been most likely full of worms :(

It's recommended that horses are wormed every 6-8 weeks, rotating chemicals (as dragonlady explained) so the worms don't build up an immunity. Also, read the labels carefully, as some worm pastes do not treat certain worms or bot eggs,


Pounce :)

25-08-05, 12:40 PM
Pounce, I dont understand why you are so concerned that I have never owned a horse with worms. Obviously all horses have small amounts - didnt think I needed to say that. What I was asking for is how to get rid of them in a horse which is full of them, not how to worm them every 6-8 weeks and rotate pastes etc. that I do know how to do. Yes I do use pastes on my current horses and read the packaging, hope now you can rest easy. Im not quite sure if your post intended offend - maybe it is just the way it is written.

Suzie Q
25-08-05, 11:51 PM
The last time we rang a vet to come and drench a pony that had arrived full of worms he told us just to give equimec 3 weeks apart. He said it did as good a job.

In later years we were given the advice by another vet to worm with equimax at 3 week intervals for 3 times.

26-08-05, 03:45 AM
I would be careful when worming a horse that is known to have a huge worm burden, have heard of many cases of horses becoming very sick and even dying as a result of being wormed (something to do with all of the worms 'letting go', resulting in massive bleeding???). Anyway, if you are sure this horse is heavily infested, I would consult a vet about a safe and effective treatment.

26-08-05, 04:24 AM
I suggest you centact a vet and find out when the horse was last wormed from the owners. The blood worms live as they suggest in the blood and in little veins in the intestines if this horse is infested with worms and you give it a big dose of wormer or even the recomended amount the blood worms will die and come out through the intestines leaving them looking like a peice of lace then you are looking a either a dead horse or a $20,000 vet bill once the vet has removed the damaged intestine and your horse has weeks and weeks of intersive vet care at the vets. I know this as when i took my horse into the equine hospital there was a horse there the owners had bought it 2 months previously as it was being neglected they then owrmed him as he was infested with worms. What they didn't know was that he hadn't been wormed for ages. They went to check on him and he was walking funny they contacted the vet then drove him straight to the equine hospital they had to remove approx 10 foot of his intestine as it looked like a peice of lace as the blood worms had died and come through. Their vet bill was approx $20.000 + and he had about 6 weeks in the hospital then they took him home but i am unsure how he went after that. So please find out when he was last wormed and contact your vet of a examination.

26-08-05, 04:33 AM
No dal, I didn't mean to offend, but possibly I misunderstood how you worded your post.

Every 6-8 weeks (or whatever schedule you prefer) we all worm our horses to 'kill' the worms it has in it's system.............so it read, to me, that you did not know how to worm a horse at all.
Nothing wrong with that if you are a novice, but you said you have never owned a horse with worms, so I figured you have owned horses for a while, but did not know how to worm them. (you said "I have no idea what to do")

If you beleive it's heavily infested I would err on the side of caution too, & seek veterinary advice, as I have also heard of heavily infested horses becoming very sick after worming.

Good luck with your new horse :) :)