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23-02-07, 02:01 PM
Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Lara Horse Floats. I sent my float there for repairs last year. I paid $2000 to have new hoop and rails, sections of the side bars replaced and a sandblast and respray.
The float was never sandblasted, (and the owner of Lara floats lied about the company that he sent it to. They had not had a float from him for over 6 months) only the long section of the hoop and rails had been replaced and those lengths of steel had been joined (my float is extended so I presume he couldn't be bothered providing the right length). The sections of steel he was supposed to replace on the sides of the float had only been bogged and the scrolls had been hand painted back on. He said it was to save me money but I have since figured out that because the float was not sandblasted the burgandy scrolls were showing through the paint work.

I gave him the opportunity to fix these problems and when I picked up the float for the second time he had used an orbital sander to get rid of some of the flaking rust and had tried to paint over it. I am now left with a float that has a shocking paint job and still needs to be sandblasted.

I presume I am not the first person he has done this to.

23-02-07, 03:14 PM
"I presume I am not the first person he has done this to ???"

Aaaahhhh .... probably NOT ??? .... and you WON'T be the last I would imagine ???

Unfortunately ... you probably really "Got what you paid for" .... $2K worth ???

There is NO WAY that any float manufacturer / repairer could do the scope of work you described for $2K ..... not unless they have "work experience" kids doin the job at zero dollar cost for labour ???

If you had brought me your float to do what you have described the cost to do it would be:

1) Sandblasting: between $150 to $300 depending on how much rust & what paint was on there ???

2) Painting in 2 pack paint: Start @ $2700 as a solid colour ... more for metallic or two tone. I won't do cheapy enamel or crap like that !!!

3) Replacement of front hoops or roof hoops: from $50.00 each plus labour to remove & replace plus any sheet metal that needed repairing or replacing.

So my "Ball Park" figure to do what you described would be @ $3500 inc GST ..... so unfortunately you have been conned by someone who underestimated the job in the first place, the "bodgied it up' just to get it done & cover his ass so HE no cop a "loss" ???

This is WHY you get WRITTEN quotes with detailed "Scope of work" signed by BOTH you & the company doing the work !!!

One positive thing HAS come out of this though .... you have learnt a valuable "lesson" that you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ???

24-02-07, 01:25 AM
Hi, sorry it ended up like that for you. It's expensive work but you do get what you pay for. We bought a float new from Lara floats. It was really cheap compared to other makes, say 3 - 4k less than a Rowville with the same features BUT the workmanship and finishing off reflected that price difference.
We have rust already and it is always shedded but then we understand that we got what we paid for. It's safe and great to use/tow and excellent value for us.
Peter and Dorothy are nice people and do have great after sales service when we have dealt with them.

24-02-07, 06:20 AM
If you still need your float repaired to fix what Lara floats have done then PM me as I know a really good trailer/float builder that is reasonably priced and does excellent work...

elly 279
24-02-07, 10:55 AM

I'm shopping for a new float at the moment and was warned by two very reliable sources, quite separate from each other, NOT to go there!

24-02-07, 11:06 AM
Sounds like you had GOOD advice ???

Remember the facts of life ... There IS a reason WHY BMW 318 cost a lot more than Hyundai Excel ??? .... some people CAN'T see the reasons why .... but MOST whom do their homework CAN ???

No different with horse floats .... you DON'T really get a $20,000 float for $12,000 .... you get a $12,000 one ??? ....and sometimes all you really get is a $10,000 one ???

When float shoppimg ... it's best to AVOID talking to the float yard "salesmen" .... all they wanna do is sell you a float ??? .... also avoid talking to "new" owners of any particular brand about their float as it is not often people will swallow their pride & admit they made a mistake & purchased a sub standard float WITH defficiencies ???

Best people to talk to about ANY brand of float ... are the one's whom have had them for a few years and REALLY seen the float for what it is ... warts & all ???

24-02-07, 11:35 AM
I did ask around before I went to Lara Floats and they seemed to have a good reputation. I had a look at their floats and their workshop before I took my float there and they appeared to be professional. I could not find any other float builders in Geelong. I didn't expect to get a fantastic paint job for the price I paid but I did stress that the float needed to be sandblasted. He didn't sandblast the float and he continued to lie about it. He also lied about replacing the steel in the sides of the float. i think someone who can lie so easily to customers should not be allowed to trade.

Luckily I got an itemised receipt that stated the float has been sandblasted and the steel replaced. I am in the process of taking him to VCAT. I was just curious to know if anyone else had problems with this company.

I usually do my homework really well when spending that much money. I had asked around about sandblasting and respraying and they were about $1500 to $2000. When Peter said he could do it for $2000 and replace a few bits of steel I thought it was a good deal. I never once thought that he would not sandblast the float. As I said I didn't expect a great paint job but the getting rid of the rust was more important to me.

I just hope no-one else gets stung by him.

25-02-07, 03:29 AM
If you had of done your homework properly you would of known that brumby floats are only 5mins down the road and do a top proffessional job. And are highly recommended for float restorations.

25-02-07, 06:43 AM
I had heard of Brumby floats but could not find any info on the internet or a webiste for them. Werribee is about 50mins from where I lived. As I said I did ask around amongst the horsey people about Lara Floats and had not heard anything bad.

Peter seemed to know what he was talking about when I met him and was poilte and very nice. I was very suprised that he lied to me the way he did and tried to cover up such a bad job. It just goes to show you can't trust any body.

25-02-07, 08:52 AM
If people would just do what they say they will do, we would all be better off. I get that too, and it really p$sses me off.