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27-04-07, 02:49 PM
Anyone use BioMare Cubes as I'm just interested to see if others get the same reaction from their horses? My feedstore man recommended them I was looking for a feed to fatten my 28yo skinny boy. So I gave them a try - jezzz. What a change in behaviour. He thinks he is 15 and is jumping out of his boots. He runs up to the bin neighing out and licks every scrap up and searches around for another 1/2 hour in case he dropped any. Before that a bucket of workhorse and chaff and 2 biscuits of hay took 3 hours to eat. In 2 weeks he has gone from me saying 'poor guy maybe he is sick and I need to think about his age etc' to 'look at him go'. Before the cubes I even got the vet out to give him a check-up and he couldn't find anything wrong but agreed I needed to do something before he dropped more weight. He is now putting on weight and obviously feels great. Yesterday I rode him over to a neighbours to deliver eggs. He was skipping along and snorting so much we smashed the eggs on the way. What a great fattening food but maybe not if your horse is ridden and you don't like em' to 'enjoy life a little too much'. I have always fed him a high energy diet and have never seen him act like this in the 13 years I have owned him. So the plan is to keep him on them (only 1.5 litre scoops twice a day) until he is at a desired weight and them cut them down and increase chaff etc. Any comments from anyone else

western star
27-04-07, 03:30 PM
I now feed them,
I started on a few of the older broodmares that had lost weight after weaning their bubs.
They picked up so quick I Tried them on my 2 riding horses....lol
That didnt last long I tell ya:O
Both turned from laid back schoolmaster types to snorting & Prancing dancing horses.
It packs the weight on without a doubt though:)

27-04-07, 03:43 PM
I use them for my broodmare, on a warmblood who needs the extra energy, and with anything else that needs fattening up I will add probably half a scoop to their economix.

You may find that your horse will only be revy for a week or two and should then settle back down again.

I think that they are the best and most economical feed for making horses look fantastic.

Miss Magnum
27-04-07, 11:27 PM
I couldn't agree more! 2 months ago, I was seriously considering having to put my 28 year old mare down, because she had lost so much weight and nothing seemed to work. I put it down to old age, and had resigned myself to the inevitable. I actually gave her til the end of April to see how she was, because I didn't wanted to see her just fade away through winter.

But since starting her on Bio Mare Cubes, it's like I have a new horse! She now comes running and snorting up for her food, and I have even started riding her lightly again.

The only problem we now have is her "squirting" before and after her manure. Having only her front teeth left, she can't eat hay, so she has her cubes soaked and mixed with chaff. I guess it's just a matter of finding the right balance.

27-04-07, 11:59 PM
For the older horses that are getting full of themselves, perhaps you could reduce the amount of Bio Mares Cubes you are feeding & add some Prydes Easifeed Four Old Timer, it is specially designed for older horses. The mare cubes are designed to provide maximum energy for a mare in foal or lactating, so horses that aren't in this situation are going to feel really good - whilst that is not a bad thing, broken eggs aren't either - lol.

Personally I only use the mare cubes for my broodmares, Prydes have heaps of other great products, (including specific weight gaining products if that is what you need), that I use for the rest of my horses.


28-04-07, 01:27 AM
I also have used Bio Mare cubes for ages...on my 2.5 yo filly and now my 4yo warmblood mare. Neither of them seem to bound around with huge amounts of energy but i have reduced the feeds down now as the younger one is starting to 'stack it on'
I'm thinking about moving onto Prydes Easi-response. So does anyone know.. if i was to take them off of the mare cubes and onto the easi response should i also be adding something such as Equilibrium?

Moore Park
28-04-07, 01:34 AM
HI Rosco
I use the easi response on my dressage horse with fantastic results very very happy with this feed, to add to this I use the 150 pellet (also from prydes)this feed provides all the vit & min requirements for my horse I do NOT have to add anything else!
I don't know much about equilibrium so I am not sure which would work out more economical.

busy mum
28-04-07, 02:33 AM
Our feed store recommended bio mare for my 8 yo gelding.

What a nightmare!

He acted out of control,shyed at everything in sight and became to much for me to handle.
Needless to say no more bio mare and i now have my quiet brave man back to his normal self.

28-04-07, 02:52 AM
I was feeding the Bio Mare, which definately didn't heat any of mine up. I changed to Easi Response and they dropped weight. And i have very good doers.

28-04-07, 02:59 AM
My old horse came home very underweight (rib shelf showing) and being 23 and 16.3tb it was a challenge to get his weight back on. I had a date set that if thre was no response, he would not be seeing winter.

I had him on lots of hay, white chaff, #####, barley and additives. And there was a slight improvement. ***Edited to add - did not know that word would be a no-no - Its a blend feed that advertises in HD with a half dressed men..

I changed him to bio mare and equijewel with speedibeet and white chaff - as well as lots of hay. He looks great, so will make this winter at least.

28-04-07, 03:00 AM
What are you guys paying for this, sounds like a good thing!

28-04-07, 06:14 AM
Does anyone know why us WA people cannot get hold of Prydes products over here??? I have been told they dont sell to WA distributors. How dissappointing!!

Would love to try some Bio Mare for our latest aged edition!!

Mary Moo
28-04-07, 06:26 AM
Delta - think they (no prydes, government) have restrictions re bringing horse feed into WA - border security!!!!

I buy my mare cubes by the pallett - love the stuff!!!! I use it for the mares, foals, weaners, yearlings,.... everything!!!! the racehorses have it when spelling , then we change them over to easi response or perfromance when back in work. My normal riding horses have it too - it doesn't rev them up at all (I wish it would!!).

28-04-07, 06:44 AM
My feed store recommends it for older horses and was advising it to a customer one day who wouldn't buy it because she... had a gelding! They told Prydes that they should repackage it under a whole lot of different names.

28-04-07, 07:11 AM
I feed my 20 year old TB gelding Bio Mare cubes. I started almost 2 years ago on the advice of a friend that has racehorses & broodies..

I have had no issues what so ever - he gets a kilo in each feed - so 2 kilos a day. He also gets Prydes Easi-Result, with white chaff to bulk it up a bit and make him chew better..
I used to have awful problems with him dropping weight in winter - when he was on grain (as opposed ot the pre-mixed feeds now)I was feeding so much barley to try and keep him warem and the weight on - and he was always well rugged... I was starting to think I needed to box him 24/7 and just feed, feed, feed.....

But, I did try feeding my 5 year old off the track TB this - he did get a touch hot...but then he didnt need the feed, as such...Hence, he is now on the Mitavite Xtra Cool!!!!


29-04-07, 01:53 PM
I have never fed the bio mare cubes, but I did wina bag of the Easi result at a show. I fed that to him slowly over last winter and found it really heated him up. I was only feeding him a double handful, not even close to the recommended amount. I now feed him economix, sunflower seeds and copra meal with no problems. The only thing I changed in his diet was the economix. I was already feeding him the other ingredients. I always feed equilibrium too.