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04-12-07, 07:39 AM
hello all just a question on feeding at the moment i have all my horses on dairy meal and lucine and oaten

there feeding is like this

classic (arab) not in work 16.3h in ok condition is on 4 dippers of d/m 4 lucine and 3 oaten my stb rocky is the same i also add a litre of water and two scoops of milk powder....

briar is on 3 scoops d/m 2 lucine 2 oaten plus the water and milk powder

can anyone suggest a good feed reigeme for them none are in full work i want to get the anglo and stb a better top line and slim my mare down a little..... good feeds supplement etc would be great... they all graze all day too if this helps.....

04-12-07, 09:08 AM
How old is each one??

what breed is briar?

what does dairy meal contain?

What state are you in as some pelleted feeds and or grains are difficult to get or vastly different??

If you can answer these questions people will be able to assist some more

04-12-07, 09:36 AM
classic is 7 rocky 9 briar 10 briar is a clydie x qter horse
dairy meal contains corn cotton seed pellets molassis abit of a lot of things really..... nsw

04-12-07, 09:41 AM
What is Dairy Meal? If it is, as I am guessing, a feed designed for cattle, then it is more than likely NOT suitable for horses! Most cattle feeds are dangerous to horses.

What is Lucine? Do you mean Lucerne? If so I am guessing you are talking about oaten and lucerne in chaff form?

So a few things - want to know what the dairy meal is first as if its a cattle feed you need to replace that ASAP.

Your feeding a lot of chaff, I'd be more inclined to give the fibre in the form of hay than chaff if its possible, its better for them and will last longer so keep them munching longer etc.

Milk powder is basically just protien (you are using skim milk powder not full fat arent you?) with pretty much no other benifits, so unless there is a reason your trying to bump up the protien of your horses its probably a waste of time and money.

My thoughts - your better off with less chaff and more hay. Your better off replacing the milk powder with a good pellet that will give you the protien BUT also had some other nutrients and minerals in it. If Dairy meal is what I think it is, its also high protien so your basically feeding protien and fibre and nothing else from the looks of it! They need some grains, or a good pellet if you cant feed grains, and some fat and probably less protien than your giving them.


04-12-07, 12:23 PM
hi dairy meal is basicly a bunch of differnt pellets corn wheat barley molasis etc like that its got a pic of a horse on the bag the milk powder is skim milk powder i use that as it helps them digest the food better..... i usually use pellets but thought i would try something else as it seemed to be doing nothing for them.... anyone suggest any brands of feed our local produce is pretty slack with what they have and they get hay as well every morning in fact

04-12-07, 10:16 PM
hi sillyfilly

I used to use dairy meal all the time (comes from having lived on a dairy farm all my life!!). Just make sure that the dairy meal doesn't have too much urea in it as that is not good for the horses.

How much ground do the horses run on and what sort of grass have they got access to?


05-12-07, 04:33 AM
I'm curious as to why anyone (who doesn't live on a dairy farm :D & I'm not too sure that's a valid enough excuse either, cocomist!) would feed dairy mix to horse when there are so many species specific varieties to choose from. Barley, wheat & mollasses aren't particularly ideal for horses to begin with.
I use Coprice M as it's cheap (compared to most) has the nutrition mine need, is easy on their digestive system, is palatable & doesn't cause hot-headedness.

05-12-07, 04:57 AM
Hi sillyfilly

I am sorry but I am having a problem with the dairy meal. I tried to do some research online as to what it contains and what the average nutritient analysis is but could find nothing. As I understand it you have to be careful with feeds designed for cattle.

I also wonder about anything that contains wheat. I have not done a lot of research on wheat for horses but it is not considered a feed for horses, most likely for good reason. I was also chatting to a trainer about wheaten chaff vs oaten chaff and he told me he stays away from wheaten chaff because he fed it to a clients horse as per the clients request, and got a bag that (by chance) had a lot of actual wheat in it. Anyway, the horse died and it had a full necropsy done, feed and pasture was analysed, etc. It was a very expensive horse so the cause of death was a big issue for the owner. The conclusion from this was that the wheat in the chaff that caused the horses death ... I can't remember all the details but some organ/s shut down & elevated something or rather in the blood.

If you want me to help you with a diet for your horses based on what is available to you, and what you want to achieve, budget, etc., PM me. I do this for friends. I work off the RDC recommendations, with some adjustments based on more recent research and tailor as required for each horse. It would require more information from you with of course more information about the dairy mix so I have an understanding of what they are getting now nutrition wise.

05-12-07, 01:34 PM
Just to add to this: Wheat is high in phosphorous, and not recommended for horses, and if used it is important that the calcium levels are adjusted to balance the ratio correctly. And as someone else said, urea in cattle feed is harmful to horses (also why you shouldn't use cattle licks for horses). I'd be getting them off the dairy meal, plenty of alternatives that are far better. Good luck.

05-12-07, 03:28 PM
ok chucked the dairy meal out...... going to the produce tomorrow to see what is better for them thanks for all the advice guys i am going to try weight lifter maybe for the boys and as someone suggested to me lo cal hay for the mare will let you all know how i go thank you all for the advise very very help ful....

rodeo chick
06-12-07, 01:54 AM
I would suggest that you look into prydes easi-result, steamflaked barley and L. Chaff and/or hay. You can contact prydes and they will give you free advice on what would suit your horses.

Suzie Q
06-12-07, 02:35 AM
Cracked corn is supposed to be one of the feeds that goes to their heads.

You haven't mentioned hay. Hay is the best for horses.

##### says that you have to feed so much grassy hay at the same time. It is also the ingredients that are in bread according to Bill on this website, and that is not good for horses.

If the horses are not being ridden. Then hay is really all they need. That, too, depends on how much grass they are getting.