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26-10-03, 08:01 AM
When breeding a mare to a stallion when do you return them to see if they are possibley in foal? is it 19 days from when they first come in season or do you count 16 days from when you last served her?

27-10-03, 12:55 AM
There are probably no hard and fast rules but there are a couple of different ways you could go. I breed thoroughbreds and they are always scanned with an ultrasound about 14-18 days after the last service. This is done for a couple of reasons. Firstly to see if the mare is in foal so that if she isn't you can make sure that she is served at the most appropriate time on the next cycle. Also to detect possible twin pregnancies so that one of them can be 'squashed' which will hopefully leave one viable embryo.

I think many small studs tease their mares when they are due to come back into season which will give them an idea about the pregnancy state of any mare.

I certainly I find that a vet check with the scan the most informative way to go and leaves no room for doubt.

Hopefully this is useful information for you.

29-10-03, 04:17 AM
Your mare should return 21 days after the first day of her last season. I generally tease every second day there after.If she doesn't return hopefully you've got her in foal.It is possible to get her scanned any time after 14 days from the last day of service.Scanning will rule out the chance of twins-they are rarely viable-mares usually abort.Good luck!