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    Default Sharon May Davis, Bio Mechanic specialist confirmed for March conference.

    Sharon May Davis will be coming to Avoca Park, Macclesfield, Victoria, March 2nd and 3rd for a 2 day workshop

    "The Bone Lady" - Sharon is one of Australia's leading experts in the biomechanics & musculo-skeletal system of the equine. Her passion has lead her all over the world working with top performance horses and sharing her exceptional understanding of the equine. She is highly desired for her depth of knowledge on how the horses body works under the skin and her ability to share that is incredible. She gives her knowledge unconditionally and I personally have found this very refreshing.

    We will be taking 15 applicants max for this conference.

    The cost is $295 inclusive of all workbooks, morning & afternoon teas.

    Accommodation available.

    Please email for more details....

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    Is this the Bodyworker Masterclass?

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    Hi.... It is not a Bodyworker Masterclass, it will be run similarly to her biomechanics workshops and it will be angled from a riding perspective so riders and Bodyworkers can see why things might be happening with the horse. We will be working with horses whilst under saddle to develop ways we can help the horses do their training.

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    Workshop filling up... Still some place left, don't miss out on this amazing lady!!!

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    Still some spots remaining..

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    We still have some vacancies...

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    Still vacancies...

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    2 spots left.... Come and hear this amazing lady speak!!!

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    Is Sharon coming to NSW?

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    I'm not sure about NSW.... I"m sorry.

    Still spots remaining.


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