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    Quote Originally Posted by Valiant View Post
    haha i have a bit of a saddle fetish too.
    i keep buying ones i like and think i may be able to make money on but pretty well always lose on
    have 4 dressage and 1 stock here now and only ever use the 1 Equipe dressage on the stallion i ride. should sell the rest of em as they never get used but oh no one day i might get a horse to suit that saddle
    I did have a bit of a collection there at one point too Valiant, then I got a bit serious about learning saddle fit and realised there was no point keeping all of them - so I sold the lot to buy one that actually fitted my horse! Couldn't bring myself to sell the Uhl though - I just love that saddle, not even because its that good to ride in but its a piece of Australian history and it belonged to my now departed dear old mare I only have four saddles I use now - one for each of my riding horses (two Thorowgoods, a Cob T6 and a High Wither T6 and a Kieffer Munchen) and my military saddle I use in light horse parades. oh, and the Wintec Pro the kids use...

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    Gasbuster, there is no one answer to how long will it last. It depends on the quality of the saddle & the type of leather used and quality & cleanliness of the stirrup leathers. How often/well it is cleaned & maintained, how & where it is kept when not in use & if you ride in the rain and don't dry it properly.

    So many variables. Having said all that, if all things are done properly there is no reason a good saddle will last & still looks good 20 years plus from new.

    My first saddle was a 20 odd year old Syd Hill pigskin show saddle. It was immaculate. I sold it 5 years later when I needed something to suit a second horse. Next one was a new County Competitor, I was in heaven. It was brown in a time everyone had moved to black. I sold it 15 years later for the same money I paid for it, maybe a little more. It was used 2 hours or more a day, 5 days a week for about 8 years in all weather. I'm a lot OCD when it comes to maintaining gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasbuster View Post
    How long though do your saddles tend to last for ? Say for example with 4-5 days per week, an hour each time if serious work, how long would you expect a good quality saddle to last
    I purchased my Mal Byrne Dressage Saddle in 2004 & it still looks, rides exactly the same, the leather is hardly worn - Had it re-stuffed 12 months ago & was told the tree is in great condition so I should get another 10 maybe 15 years out of it. Now my Thorowgood, it is nowhere near the quality & even riding in a cover, the saddle has worn very quickly. I doubt it will last another 5 years & it is only 2 years old. So depending on the brand etc, saddles have a varying life span.

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    Devocoux make great jumping saddles....

    But that winged Hermes saddle looks straight out of Bollywood...what's its story? Could only get the pic no info from the link posted, and I was curious. Truly, this is the age of excess isn't it? Then again it's more of an object d'art with its shape and shiny surfaces! Looks slippery as hell for practical use...perhaps that's for the ultimate dressage-diva-wannabe? It has 'look-at-me' screaming from it!
    Without a horse you're half complete.

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    Oh dear - it's horrible isn't it. But it's a jumping saddle - made out of crocodile skin. Imagine how much it would cost!!


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