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haha i have a bit of a saddle fetish too.
i keep buying ones i like and think i may be able to make money on but pretty well always lose on
have 4 dressage and 1 stock here now and only ever use the 1 Equipe dressage on the stallion i ride. should sell the rest of em as they never get used but oh no one day i might get a horse to suit that saddle
I did have a bit of a collection there at one point too Valiant, then I got a bit serious about learning saddle fit and realised there was no point keeping all of them - so I sold the lot to buy one that actually fitted my horse! Couldn't bring myself to sell the Uhl though - I just love that saddle, not even because its that good to ride in but its a piece of Australian history and it belonged to my now departed dear old mare I only have four saddles I use now - one for each of my riding horses (two Thorowgoods, a Cob T6 and a High Wither T6 and a Kieffer Munchen) and my military saddle I use in light horse parades. oh, and the Wintec Pro the kids use...