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    If you’re using showing as an example you’re probably in the wrong forum. Not many showies around here these days. Pointless lunging is the same as pointless riding, you can be ineffective in the saddle too. Taking the “sting” out (which I believe wasn’t used in the context of lunging early in this thread anyway) by way of lunging is also not the same as wearing a horse out and making it tired to make it wasier to ride. Some horses like to get their muscles warmed up with a bit of jumping around, hence why lunging may be a starting point for a ride as some of us humans may not enjoy a more energetic warm up. Everything depends on the reason and the horse and the rider, but I seriously doubt anyone here would bother lunging a horse for ages just to wear it out, I certainly couldn’t be arsed. If your cousin is sitting in an office chair while lunging then she’s clearly not doing it for any actual training purpose.

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    Just an example of why people seem to like to wear out the horse lunging about where I live.... I should probably start a new thread really, sorry GB... but I can if you wish

    I mentioned in one of my friends here got dumped, and I and Cashy did some helping. Then at the dressage day, she got well and truly dumped again, certainly a determined trainer IMHO, older than me, I really worry for her. Young horse, not hers, off they went and lunged, showing so many signs of not happy still jan, but the human seems to want to "win this battle"
    Lunged and lunged and lunged the horse, back on, and it beats cashy and me by 1% in the prep C.. So now the horse is good and worth persevering with, well to beat me and my old stockhorse with a serious lack of riding leading up to this, would not be reason to persevere with a young horse.
    I believe pain was the issue initially, been checked etc, but not really given enough time, and he knows how to now, well and truly and he did, and just might again.
    Dump the ejector seat, ride in saddle that will keep you on, or fix the horse, but don't lunge it til it tongue hangs out... and it sweats profusely, is what I think in this case.

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    Some horses have a varying degree of "cold back". If it is extreme then it can really be quite painful for the horse if you get on them while they are tight. Lunging - as in l4l's manner - is both beneficial and fair for these horses.

    Other horses can have a mild degree of tightness when you get on. If you are experienced and can ride them in a light seat for a while as you get them a bit warmed up then off you go, but if you feel circumstances would be better served by some judicious lunging then that is a good thing to.

    And of course the best reason for lunging is that it gives you the opportunity to train the horse while you are looking at it.
    "One must avoid using force, for I have never seen anything positive come out of a horse if such is the case".

    Antoine De Pluvinel

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    Quote Originally Posted by gasbuster View Post
    Hadnít thought that far, but yes i can midnightly.

    Hopefully itís just a case of too much feed fuelling the attitude, and a week of being tied up a bit and just hay will improve said teenager.
    What do you mean by a week of being tied up - what exactly do you do with this horse? I'm interested to know as maybe it isn't as bad as it sounds? I think it's very difficult for others to respond to something like this unless they know you and your horse. Every combination is different and, well me, has no idea what you are both about, who your team of people are that you use, what your diet is (other than the mentioned hay for 2 weeks) etc. Even if my horse gets fresh, he is still always fed - he needs the nutrients, maybe not high energy good, but definitely high fibre and nutrients and especially at this time of the year. Have you considered there is a physical issue that hasn't been diagnosed correctly. Anything could be going on, question everything....and possibly your horse is just simply having a bad hair week and next week will be fine - I don't know. I don't agree with punishment and the reward is "no punishment'. How can you expect to build any type of a relationship with what I consider your partner.


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