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    SueP (Guest) Guest

    Default Torn Pectoral muscle

    My young horse has torn his Pectoral muscles quite badly, I have had a few masseurs tell me that they can not be repaired. I think he flipped over a fence or got caught on a gate or maybe just did a huge slide in the paddock, hence I don't really know how he did it.

    The visible damage is approx 2cm wide and extends the width of the horse, right in front of the girth. He is not lame. I am seeking advice on treatments etc. The vet was as good as useless on treatments.

    If anyone has some ideas, I would love to hear them.


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    Zacs Mum (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Torn Pectoral muscle

    Hi SueP,

    A horse that stables next me where I agist had a torn muscle in his neck due to throwing a big rubber feeder around his stable. The owner of this horse originally thought he had ear mites due to an unstable head when being ridden.

    We have an extremely good chiro and he picked up the torn muscle. The treatment that we used on this horse is plain old DMSO and a bit of TLC.

    The horse is now showing no signs of uncomfortableness when he is being worked.

    You could try this treatment but do not go to a show that drug tests as DMSO is swabable.


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    moose (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Torn Pectoral muscle

    SueP, where are you located? Im in Vic, My "muscle man" is very good with torn muscles. He found 3 in my mare that are now ok, one of them was a pec. Email me and Ill give you his number & call and have a chat with him.


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