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Thread: Large Testicles

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    sore man (Guest) Guest

    Default Large Testicles

    I have a problem that i'm sure many male riders suffer from. I have large testicles. I'm very proud of my package, yet when i ride i suffer the pain of my testicles and penis getting squashed against the pomel. I have tried special joddy's, panty hose, bike shorts and tight undies but nothing gives me the relief i need. I love to ride, but if the problem continues, i will have to regretably stop riding and competing. Any guys out there with any advice please help.

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    Susan (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Large Testicles

    HaaaaahaaaaaHaaaaa are you for real. Ooops sorry "Sore Man" if it is any consolation you have just brightened up my night. I am giggling at the thought of some of the replies you are going to get. Be thick skinned and just take the genuine advice.

    Unfortunately or fortunately as the case may be I am a female and the only thing I can possibly think of for your problem is a sheepskin seat cover.

    Good luck and I genuinly hope you find a solution to your problem.

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    danni (Guest) Guest

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    Before we had our horse my son was riding in different saddles on different horses where he was having lessons. Honestly, sometimes he could hardly walk after riding in some saddles they made him so sore.
    When it came to purchasing his own saddle he spent time sitting on different ones until he found the one that suited him.
    Maybe your saddle is causing the problem. Just a thought.


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    just passing (Guest) Guest

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    initial post . . . . :7 ;-) :*
    ' a sheepskin seat cover ' sounds a reasonable idea for pleasure riding - go for it :*
    but don't think you could ride in competition with one :-(
    Suggestions :
    1) if you REALLY WANT to continue riding consider getting a saddle made just for you :D
    hear that Peter Horobin in Mornington, Victoria is a fantastic MASTER saddle maker - did his apprenticeship in Germany with Keiffer I think ! will be expensive BUT if riding is what you want to do he'll make a saddle fitted for your rear end . . . . go for it :*
    try : phone 03 59751055 or fax 0359750401 ( as per my phone book 1999 entry !)
    2) get some riding lessons from a male instructor and discuss the problem with him as sounds a bit like a problem with how you're sitting in the saddle and where you are positioning your legs
    You'll get lotsa flack from your post but take heart you've given some females a bit more to think about & as the previous poster said " hope you've got a thick skin" }>

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    Yarraman (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Large Testicles

    Funny, I also thought of Peter Horobin straight away. He sells the "female" saddle already, perhaps he should look into designing a "male package" as well????!!!?
    "The Chaff-Preventer" for the mobile female and now also available in "The Squash-Preventer" for the larger male.


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    ballzup (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Large Testicles

    i agree with one above poster, sounds like it could be the way you're sitting. Known girls to have sore clacker from sitting incorrectly, no probs once they start to sit back more and put their butt under them. good luck!

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    Meat an two veg (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Large Testicles

    m8 i understand how you feel when the get smacked around it really canes. there isnt really much you can do except change your stle of riding and you cant wear a sheep skin cover in a hack ring or dressage test so try to keep them out of the way best as possible.

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    put a smile on my dial (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Large Testicles

    you could possibly try those things cricketers or footballers put down their pants not sure exactly what they protect or may one of those tena pads which your jacket would cover up similar to gel pads for horses hope this might help have a merry xmas and happy new year

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    Er.. .. Um..... (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Large Testicles

    As a female instructor, I have often watched grimmaced faces and I was once told by one of my male instructors to offer these words of advice which has seemed to help (as embarrassing as it is to broach the subject).

    Apparantly..... the trick is to kind of pick them up and put them infront of you up on top of the pommel (why it's great if you get a suitable saddle with a relatively low, or cutaway pommel).

    I used to have a picture of Sven Rothenberger that showed an excellent example of this technique!

    From my dating experience of male riders, I would say that eventually they seem to wear down until they're little peanut sized things. Perhaps the answer is to give up now before they start shrinking!

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    Well Hung (Guest) Guest

    Default RE: Large Testicles


    I hear where you are coming from.... I have no idea about the previous lady who posted but obviously she meets the wrong guys if she only has seen male riders with peanuts for their package.... Us Elephant trunk type blokes learn to deal with it....

    You have to sit in the saddle, reach down, grab the trunk, and the two mangoes on either side and bring them up and out of the way.... If they are sitting above your legs and not below you will be fine... I think you have always been trying to put them down and out of the way rather than up above the problems....

    Also mate, you better leave your email address..... I think there might be a few women on this site that once they have heard of your package would love to come and give you some riding lessons but not on a horse..... if you know what I mean!!!



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