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    Default Portable Dressage Arena's

    Our Eventing club needs to Purchase some Portable dressage arena's to comply with the new EA rules.

    We're struggling to find any options for sale. We'd prefer chain link for easier storage. But any suggestions or websites would be great

    Would love to hear how other clubs got around this hurdle?

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    Bunnings has the chain link.

    We use white plumbing pipe. You just buy the elbows for the corners and link it all up.
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    our club has 2 chainlink ones, and one poly pipe one. We much prefer to set up the polypipe one, but the pipes are stored on an old boat trailer, and live at someone's house.
    So it doesn't get used unless we need 3 arenas, and some one has a spare car to collect it, and take it back.
    The chain ones however, have a wheely bin each, which contains bothe the chain and the cones, and are stored in the shed on the grounds.
    But, getting the chains to stay where they should is a battle, we have metal pins that we use to hold the c hains on.

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    This page lists a few suppliers...

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    thanks for the suggestions!
    How do you break up the chain so it's not a completly fixed?


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