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  1. Importing horses from germany
  2. warmblood brood mare wanted to leas
  3. How many w/b foals are bred in Aus
  4. SH breeding stock - define 'quality
  5. What WB stallions do you like??
  6. Advice Needed
  8. Breeding ethics
  9. Frozen Semen Successes
  10. Horse Rugs
  11. Nostradamus owner Wendy Loiterton?
  12. Vets for AI in WA
  13. DNS brand on 16hh palomino
  14. frozen semen
  15. regumate
  16. Late Termination
  17. Does anyone know a 'Ms E Mckay' ple
  18. I am being my search to find a Stud
  19. I am Beginning my search to find a
  20. AI Course
  21. Can We Improve The Fertility Of Hor
  22. In utero purchase
  23. Old Warmblood Stallions
  24. show/sale prep
  25. AEA Dutchman
  26. breeding mare with offset fore
  27. Identifing an older Thoroughbred?
  28. Leg deviation in foal. Help please.
  29. "Limbo Rock"
  30. THE best news! Festina had her fill
  31. Di Caprio frozen semen
  32. Breeding for the 1st time
  33. What is the youngest age to put a m
  34. "Limbo Rock" pedigree
  35. Finally, Donnerfee & Warkant both d
  36. Daley K Daughter - Does anyone know
  37. Feeding: Canola or Linseed oil
  38. FS vets in SE Qld/Nrthn NSW
  39. Vet Bills with breeding?
  40. Showjumping stallions
  41. Selling Stallions?
  42. Biomare Cubes for Yearlings?
  43. Lemonshill Firebird (IMP) Welsh Se
  46. Jenjan Levi Strauss
  47. Tracing a Brand
  48. How Tall Baby Will Mature Too
  49. Are frozen WB embryo able to be bought ?
  50. Lauries As sold to AUS!
  51. delmarie gold storm - warmblood stallion
  52. Standing a stallion at stud....... Would you do it.....
  53. AI tech course
  54. Mare to use
  55. Inserbo Future 1 external ultrasound
  56. New prices for PSI semen 2008
  57. Americans Heated up after Kentucky Derby Tragedy
  58. What age would be best to stop breeding a mare on average?
  59. Falsterbo
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  61. STallions for the coming season
  62. How close is too close?
  63. AI does anyone teach/courses in victoria
  64. to geld or not to geld?
  65. "Old Wives Tales" About Mares in Foal....
  66. N/H (For once!)
  67. Deep Utero Insemination
  68. GVEH frozen semen course
  69. frozen semen - how many doses?
  70. Stud Stallions Australia Website
  71. Fuerst Piccolo
  72. Contendro 1 frozen semen
  73. Regardez Moi
  74. Mare to Free Lease
  75. effects of EI on yearlings
  76. A warmblood stallion
  77. Ancestor duplications- is this too close?
  78. Costs involved with Breeding
  79. San Rubin II progeny
  80. Celle Stud Stallions
  81. Foaling Alarms???
  82. RE: Fresh semen
  83. Bats, Joordy, Mooks, et all in here pls
  84. Using newly licensed stallions or older stallions
  85. what jumping stallions (FS and fresh) are people using this year?
  86. Poetry in Motion & Belcam Graphic
  87. Unknown breeding/Brand
  88. Stallion for Live Cover
  89. Cardento and Trak- Help please!
  90. www.eldonbrook.com/home.html
  91. Selling young stock
  92. getting service certificates from stallion owners
  93. Equity Vaccine
  94. Australian Stub Book members? TB brand look up? Help Plz.
  95. frozen semen storage around Sydney
  96. Looking for Brett Williams or the stallion Schwandor III
  97. De Niro Semen
  98. Mare For Sale
  99. what frozen semen is everyone buying this year
  100. Suspected Pre-Pubic Tendon Rupture...Anyone Experienced??
  101. What am i doing wrong?
  102. Foaling alarm feedback and opinions.... laydown sensor type versus the temperature sensor foaling alarm
  103. Is this stallion a ideal choice for my Mare
  104. Andalusian bred by Clifford Formosa - prefix - Marisma
  105. 'Win The Gold' frozen semen
  106. Does anyone have progeny of GT Jake or BJ Kaneto Cassanova?
  107. Jaybee Alabaster Progeny-- experiences?
  108. Marwari Breed
  109. AI
  110. Lucerne Hay
  111. Broodmare tied up
  112. friesians, breed or buy
  113. Foal with rapid breathing???
  114. Oldenburg change stallion assessment process
  115. What Stallion for my mare
  116. Herbs & Pregnant mares
  117. Is it possible to get papers for a Thoroughbred?
  118. Photos of stallion Valuta
  119. Crossing with clydie/perch
  120. What Do you feed your 2& 3yold horses ?
  121. Faribanks Warmblood Strud
  122. Weltmeyer still going strong
  123. Frozen semen brokers in Australia
  124. Anybody bred to Desperados or seen his foals?
  125. Knabstrupper Premium Stallion Hussar of Independence
  126. Mare off the boil.....
  127. stallion hunting
  128. PG Injections to bring mares on heat
  129. New Vet
  130. leasing a broodmare
  131. Frozen semen - some experiences
  132. Elite Frozen Foals
  133. Jive Magic Semen
  134. Hampton (His Highness)
  135. Foster mare required
  136. Training stallion to collect from
  137. Need help identifying a brand
  138. Foster mare needed....
  139. Broodmares
  140. Anyone with Royal Oak II progency?
  141. Predict aFoal Test Kit
  142. Looking for info on Rita Ashby
  143. Native Dancer - breeding for soundness
  144. frozen semen pregnancies for this season
  145. help urgently required with horse brand identification
  146. Anyone bred to these FS stallions?
  147. Power Boy RP
  148. Problems getting mares in foal
  149. Clint Eastwood
  150. Brookcrist aka Bella - information wanted
  151. BUSHFIRE ALERT - Equestrian Evacuation Centre available
  152. False contractions
  153. AI tomorrow, fingers crossed for me please.
  154. Mare easy AI for Sale - in foal to Renegade Z
  155. Testing for homozygous gene etc
  156. frozen and chilled semen pregnancies
  157. ET- Success/Failures & Vets???
  158. t/b brand please help
  159. Looking for brand info on my new T/B... Please help.
  160. Frozen Babies
  161. How to wean a colt foal please advise
  162. Have you seen my OLD TB MARE? Or her any of her Foals/Offspring?
  163. breeding from roarers
  164. Horse Manure Removal - We have the solution!
  165. Anyone used Herzensdieb FS?
  166. Info about my thoroughbred
  167. Baby-Boom
  168. Carbine Mare
  169. Foaling Alarms: What do you use?
  170. Anyone had a Samarant baby?
  171. Breeding caslicked mares
  172. Knowledge bank: Breeding this season 2009
  173. minature pony/horse brand
  174. Vivaldi
  175. Breeding and name of a horse
  176. Animate info wanted
  177. Foaling down young maiden mares???
  178. Seeking Employment (VIC)
  179. Benettons Dream
  180. urinating foal
  181. Frozen (or not so) Semen.....Any advice?
  182. Painted Black- Anky van Grunsven
  183. Royal Hit semen quality???
  184. Looking hoping to gain any information on mare
  185. looking for ph contact Stan Hunt
  186. Diamond Hit Semen
  187. AI vets
  188. richmead dream
  189. a drug for broodmares called 'Settle'
  190. How long does semen last?
  191. 2010 Trakehner Verband Assessment Tour
  192. help please
  193. Performance Sports Horse and Pony (PSHP) annual stallion parade
  194. Embryo Transfer
  195. Is she or isnt she?????
  196. Best Vet or AI Technician for troublesome mare?
  197. Warmblood discussions
  198. Mare Not Bagging Up
  199. Frozen Warmbloods - Multiple pregs?
  200. Quarterback semen
  201. Riding a pregnant mare?
  202. foal handling
  203. info please
  204. help
  205. Mare Foaling
  206. Landscape And souvinor
  207. Great stallion service prices with only 2hour to go!
  208. breeding
  209. WB Dressage Stallions
  210. Horse Buying Patterns (survey)
  211. Last foal for my mare - any stallion suggestions?
  212. Is she pregnant?
  213. new to the forum
  214. Is it a breech of contract, if a Stud serves your mare with the wrong stallion?
  215. Mare acting Like a stallion
  216. Branding
  217. Been a bit quiet in here of late...
  218. Welsh pony breeders
  219. Throroughbred breeders... help???
  220. Clover Hay - Opinions?
  221. Foal heat breeding
  222. Opinions on stallions?
  223. Sale Freisian service to Hotse
  224. Arabians
  225. success rate of Avanti Amorous Archie by frozen AI
  226. Predicting how much white pattern from overo
  227. Understanding the Biomechanics of Lameness
  228. So is the only place we can post new threads??
  229. Curious to hear experiences re follicle size and breeding from chilled semen?
  230. Help with foal alarm
  231. Old Thoroughbred bloodlines
  232. WB FS users - Christ or Scolari fedback please :)