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11-05-12, 11:10 PM
http://email.performgroup.com/FS/1155/Images/FEI/LaBaule/eml_labaule_linz.jpg?param=0.43987018562325086 (http://email.performgroup.com/In/20706586/0/Yrv-Hvquzf-cfd4pTfVklaGa-xfCgLoM_QcbfVt22jR/) FEI Nations Cupô 2012 Ė La Baule
Dear Berni,

Comprehensive LIVE coverage (http://email.performgroup.com/In/20706587/0/Yrv-Hvquzf-cfd4pTfVklaGa-xfCgLoM_QcbfVt22jR/) of the first stage of the FEIís premier show jumping competition, the FEI Nations Cupô series, gets underway today on FEI TV (http://email.performgroup.com/In/20706588/0/Yrv-Hvquzf-cfd4pTfVklaGa-xfCgLoM_QcbfVt22jR/).

FEI TV (http://email.performgroup.com/In/20706589/0/Yrv-Hvquzf-cfd4pTfVklaGa-xfCgLoM_QcbfVt22jR/) will also be broadcasting live action from the FEI Nations Cupô Promotional League from Linz, Austria.

Todayís Live Schedule is as follows:

FEI Nations Cupô 2012 Ė La Baule (Part 1) - Coverage Starts: 14.00 CEST
FEI Nations Cupô Promotional League 2012 Ė Linz - 13.55 CEST
FEI Nations Cupô 2012 Ė La Baule (Part 2) - Coverage Starts: 15.40 CEST

Click here to watch LIVE coverage (http://email.performgroup.com/In/20706590/0/Yrv-Hvquzf-cfd4pTfVklaGa-xfCgLoM_QcbfVt22jR/) of today's FEI Nations Cupô andFEI Nations Cupô Promotional League jumping action as well as on-demand highlights of the entire outdoor season.

Your FEI TV team

* Live coverage from Linz is not available in Austria due to Geo-restrictions & commentary is only available in German. WATCH LIVE
http://email.performgroup.com/FS/1155/Images/FEI/nEW/FEI_CLICKHERE.png (http://email.performgroup.com/In/20706591/0/Yrv-Hvquzf-cfd4pTfVklaGa-xfCgLoM_QcbfVt22jR/)
http://email.performgroup.com/FS/1155/Images/FEI/nEW/FEI_CLICKHERE.png (http://email.performgroup.com/In/20706592/0/Yrv-Hvquzf-cfd4pTfVklaGa-xfCgLoM_QcbfVt22jR/)

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