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19-05-12, 05:54 PM
Not sure how I always end up doing these things, but I also believe people always helped me, and to share ones love of horses to the younger kids in life with non horsey parents will never kill me ( seeing as I have been a teacher all my life anyhow)
So the neighbour has a niece who has spent a year doing lessons, and still does a lesson once a week.
Shadow is my sons old pony club horse, who has been with my freind and me now- for 20 years, she had him as a young failed TB, at 2 years of age. Went through the pony club ranks, and he has always had a heart od gold, along with high heel low heel, a flippy right leg, and at times sewing machine legs, if he thinks the world might eat him up. Not sound, but doing ok and seems happy to share his life with nice young light rider too.

He is going ever so slow for the little girl, it is kind of precious really.
He is somewhat arthritic now, and of course minus 3 starts like today, really would not help him out.
So here is little bit of dear old guy helping a keen little girl.

If I could have a million Shadows- how good would life be :) Its about 4 mins long- and really we are just minding her, but keeping her safe too... time to practice without nagging LOl- we nagged :O


19-05-12, 06:43 PM
:)good on you,he looks a kind old fella and knows he's got to look after his young passenger, a credit to you and your family, and generous to supply a much loved boy I'm sure his new rider loves him too and will never forget the one that set her on her way. go shadow

19-05-12, 07:48 PM
If you can't share an experience, it has no meaning.

I'm with you Cyrus, it's the experience of sharing that adds value. Whenever I've had a horse suitable for sharing, it's been a great opportunity to share the joy.

19-05-12, 07:51 PM
I had a horse called Grabbit like this. Sadly I lost him at 18, possibly to melanomas as he had a lot you could see and probably more you couldnt.

Gave my niece her first ride off the lead. When he was a police horse he gave the Camp Quality girls their dream rides. He wouldnt do more than a walk when my husband rode him, yet would try and get me off at least every ride with me.

Was a great horse with gumption. And worth his weight in gold. Still miss him. Wish we had done videos. Wonderful memories Cyrus.

19-05-12, 08:02 PM
Its sad to get old no matter whether you are a horse, person, dog or??
I think even a horse seems to appreciate it still has useful things to share with us, as long as we too listen to the horse, not work it too hard, after its been such a good mate to us.
Shad plans to teach her about riding without stirrups, let her eventually have some fun bareback ( if she can manage the "wither") and how to help a crooked horse be a bit straighter. How to lose your stirrups and find them again, and how to just enjoy a horse and have a bit of fun.