View Full Version : My day :) another skipper cam yawn.. and what did you buy at Horseland ?

31-05-12, 11:03 PM
Nice day here today, so I watched the boys pile into their yards, one by one along they come....

Went for a plod down the road on Skipper, and put his glove boots on, they do sound funny compared to bare feet.
The road was all graded, and a bit rocky with new gravel, but the views were as clear as ever.

Then, it is amazing what horses get up to when the owners are not about. One property had a new young horse, and the older one was giving it a really hard time, I even got a dvd of it chasing it into he fence, thankfully it was not hurt. Its at the end of my wanderings- you hear the twang as she hits the fence, alas Skips ear was in the way.


Then still being silly- trying to get a piccy of Skipper and me to ad to the front ( whic of couse I forgot to do )

10 attempts at decent photo, I gave up, and decided we are both getting greyer-

So then I headed off to the Horseland sale, I was only getting 3 things- alas a 4th came out with me...

All set for EQUITANA planetrip now.


01-06-12, 01:21 AM
I loved how all the horses put themselves to "bed" at the start of the video :)