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09-06-12, 07:48 AM
Reveleus! Thought of you last night when I heard the news item on the radio re Orica heing hit with 279 charges for pollution of Gladstone Harbour. Remembered your posts re this earlier this year and the awful pics of the mutated fish and turtles. Turns out they have been putting CYANIDE into the water! Unbelievable! They mentioned possible fines of $2 million per charge. Hope they do hit them hard, that is unbelievable, cyanide of all things! :0 Well done to all of you who took action in whatever form. Rgds

Bad Bones
09-06-12, 09:07 AM
OMG this mob are bad news!!
I hope they nail them to the wall.
Well done Reveleus!


09-06-12, 09:12 AM
So finally the authorities have found something, which the locals knew was happening.

A terrible thing to have happened, but hopfully it will motivate companies and local authorities to be more vigilant.
accidents happen, but negligence is no defense.

Sorry about your beautiful bay, and all the lost animals and plants.

09-06-12, 09:55 AM
UNESCO is also on the case. If they declare the Great Barrier Reef endangered, that will create all sorts of fuss.

09-06-12, 10:36 AM
We do need to continue lobbying the LNP about protecting the Barrier reef. The environmental legislation is already quite weak in Queensland and the LNP want to weaken it further.

CSG and coal wont go off so its not like we have to get it all out of ground now, we need to leave some there for future generations.

But if we stuff the oceans, we stuff the planet and kiss you grandkids future goodbye

09-06-12, 07:59 PM
oh wow i missed this thread. how unbelievable in this day and age and in Australia that people still do this crap and think it's okay. the selfishness just never ends.

1st foal
09-06-12, 10:49 PM
This is an ecological tragedy. I hope something can be done now to restore the bay... +1 from me to those who made enough noise to get the story out.

09-06-12, 11:22 PM
thank god its finally out there.
the world knows. now they cant hide it anymore.
you must be relieved , Rev ?

10-06-12, 07:49 AM
I worked for Orica at Kooragang (Stockton, near Newcastle) a couple of years ago and was led to believe that they were doing everything sooooo by the book ... I now realise that instead of doing things by the book they were extremely good at pulling the wool over our eyes. I have no love for the company whatsoever (not bitterness or resentment here - I hated the job I was doing there!) and hope they get what they truly deserve. The almighty dollar should NOT be a higher priority than our natural environment.

10-06-12, 05:55 PM
Not just orica at fault here. I have an FOI request in with DERM at the moment for water testing results for the past year in the harbour. Remember it's a division of the gov (port authority) that have a) the responsibility of testing the water b) the responsibility of doing something about any 'bad' quality tests. They have been harping on for months about how the water is absolutely fine - so why now has there suddenly been cyanid in the water for months?! The gov. needs to take responsibility on this matter, please hope that these FOI results come back and show the level of incompetence and negligence that seems to have been upheld!

10-06-12, 07:26 PM
Thanks guys......yes, it's a releif for a lot of us up here that there is now an answer. But yes, there are still a lot of questions to be answered. As TSC said, we've had countless water tests done over the last year. Most carried out by the Port Authority and we've been screaming for independant testing. Can it be fixed? Who knows.....what we do know is that our harbour will never be the same. Industry and the almighty dollar are playing such huge cards here and it will come at a cost that the powers that be feel is acceptable.

Campbell has gotten on the bandwagon now, done a complete backflip from his previous stance on the matter, and has called for the sacking of all the members of the Port Authority board. Interesting times ahead I guess.

I just want to thank all of you who have taken an interest in this. Every email that was sent or phone call that was made may have only seemed like a small thing, but it's all about numbers. Thanks for taking the time to do that for us. Thanks also for keeping it alive and not letting it be swept under a rug like they were desperately trying to do. Posts like this one keep it on everyones mind and I'm glad I was able to let you know about it, get you talking about it. If it wasn't for you guys, it would still be just a local topic and it really needed to be out there for everyone to see. A special thankyou to TSC who took my words at face value and not knowing me personally, jumped on a plane and came and saw for herself, smashed them with a story and continues to follow up. You're a champion darl.

11-06-12, 09:08 AM
Campbell "has done a complete backflip"....so typical jumping on the bandwagon - self-interest so baltantly transparent there! Disgusting morals!

Top effort TSC! Can we read her story somewhere? Rgds

Silver Taffy
11-06-12, 12:51 PM
Good on you TSC, though I'm not surprised :)
Yes, I'm glad the results are now showing the truth and it's out in the open and will have to be dealt with, and hopefully as appropriately as it should be.

12-06-12, 01:28 AM
If you all want a riviting and yet shocking read buy or borrow from your library a book called 'blood money' by an australian author about australian mining companys etc.....eye opening!

12-06-12, 07:33 AM
TSC, go find yourself a chemical engineer. Firstly, the legislation is piss weak, so somekne can be doing everything legally but its still hurting the harbour.

I hope you also applied for the environmental impact study. Have a look at when it was done, from memory you should find that the EIS for dredging was done during the drought years.

The last couple of years have been flood years, you want to ask your chemical engineers and environmental scientists about the impact of dredging and flood waters.

12-06-12, 08:22 AM
Firstly LisaL, you don't have to be so utterly condescending. Secondly, yes of course I have read the EIS - I've read the government one and also the independent assessments that have been done. I've talked to a variety of people, chemical engineers included and the overwhelming majority of them agree that what has happened in gladstone as a result of industry moving ahead for greed and not considering the environmental impact of their actions, has affected the harbour very negatively. If you want to debate that I suggest you go there for yourself and talk to locals, see the damage this development has done to Gladstone and how it has impacted their community. Any suggestion from someone in a completely uneducated position that floods are to blame for the damage to this ecosystem is not only laughable, but completely ridiculous.

12-06-12, 11:50 AM
Tsc, you are picking a fight with me when im giving you a little more info to help.

The environmental scientists and chemical engineers can tell you why the EIS is flawed and how legislation and the EIS are contributing to the problem, why some of the contributing factors to the problem are legal as per the legislation and what political changes need to be made to help the people of Gladstone and Queensland.

You are reading the wrong message between my lines.