View Full Version : 2 more days then its bye bye QLD, hello Victoria

06-07-12, 06:49 PM
And to say that I am desperate need of wine is an understatement, trying to organise dogs, cats, cockatoo and 6 horses to travel to our new destination, plus pack up the house here, organise someone to come in and mow while waiting for this place to sell, arrange ones 12 year old, is no mean feat.

My only concern is how my 29 year old girl will travel, she has been with me for over 23 years so was never going to leave her behind, however she is bright and perky and a calm old thing so she will probably show the others who are all good travellers anyway how its done.

Wish us luck :)

06-07-12, 06:54 PM
I know what you are going through! We recently moved from QLD to NSW, and had to move 5 horses, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 3 chickens, and a rooster. We managed to find a new home for the geese, though! We also had 4 carriages, and a tractor to move. I brought down my 35yo, who is a scrambler. I just took it really slowly with him, and we all arrived here safe and sound in the end. Maybe something a little stronger than wine is in order ;) Anyway, I wish you luck, you will be fine :)

06-07-12, 06:56 PM
All the best.
I do hope you stocked up on thermals, its blooming freezing down south :)

Though it is pretty to ride through a hard frost. Bracing.

06-07-12, 08:35 PM
Yes it is cool in the mornings - make sure you have lots of gloves - but glorious days - just made for riding. Make sure you come to Shepparton at some stage.

06-07-12, 08:38 PM
All the best with your move md. Sounds like a massive undertaking, I thought moving with one horse was hard enough - he seemed to have more gear than I did.

Hope you have stocked up on thermals and a good winter coat as it is rather cold down here right now.

06-07-12, 08:52 PM
Good luck on your move! Yep as others have said it's a bit freezy down here at the moment. Welcome to Vic tho :)

06-07-12, 09:36 PM
Know were your coming from re transporting the oldies, we moved from mid north coast to Vic. Had 5 humans, and three horses, 1 who was 27, chooks, ducks, dogs, plus a whole lot of tack, house furniture etc etc, I was worried how the kids would travel, but horse transport was excellant, all got here in good condition, not stressed, only owner was. Who's transporter are moving them. I'm sure they will be fine, good luck with move.

P.s as others have said it's a bit fresh/ cold down here.
Hope you've got rugs handy as the horses may feel it.

06-07-12, 09:49 PM
Rugs are in place, thankfully we are around minus 3 here at night and only getting to around 12 during the day, so actually think we will be better off in Vic :), also started the only feeding hay and roughage in anticipation of the move, am sure that the old girl will be fine, pffft she is a stock horse so copes with most things lol. Its the 18 yr old wb mare that is the pri madonna thats the issue, her and her son who is the biggest princess this side of the range lol :)

Nah am sure they will all be ok, but its stressful just the same.

06-07-12, 09:59 PM
I don't think the cold will worry you but the mud and the wet might - depending on WHERE in Victoria you are going (coming) to. And why didn't I know you were moving to Victoria or did you not tell anyone until now?

06-07-12, 10:11 PM
Heh Bats it was well a whirlwind decision, well not to come to Vic, co's I have been wanting to move there for years, but it only happened in the last few (read couple) of weeks and its been hectic since, looking forward to catching up (however we are miles away from you) moving initially to Seymour till we sell up this way, then who knows where we will end up.

But would love an invitation to your stud :)

06-07-12, 10:20 PM
HEY u do know all of a sudden you days are going to be significantly shorter i hope?

neverr forget my first trip down under the the freezing part of aussie. the sun was still asleep when i was up?

n it went down an hour earlier than home??????

like what the? isnt this supposed to be in the same continent? da

06-07-12, 10:24 PM
LOL mindari, we are in the darling downs, it has been well below zero for the last 4 days, so cold I am used to, and cough I am a kiwi so well cold is nice...

06-07-12, 10:28 PM
LOL mindari, we are in the darling downs, it has been well below zero for the last 4 days, so cold I am used to, and cough I am a kiwi so well cold is nice...

ah so is wet too then.

been twice now and well at least it doesnt hit as hard as bullets like here in oz

gee they think its a drought if it hasnt rained in a week spoilt darlings

06-07-12, 10:32 PM
Good luck with the trip. Hopefully you will arrive before the next bout of rain is due, which is Tuesday for the heavier falls.

All I can say is...bring flippers and long gumboots :)

06-07-12, 10:44 PM
But would love an invitation to your stud :)

to our mud? It is so depressing at the moment. :( But let the weather improve and you to settle in and you are more than welcome.

06-07-12, 10:51 PM
Mud Bats, we are on Black soil, so all the horses are coated in some type of extra terrestrial gunk at present, and its so thick it is almost impossible to remove, they are up to their fetlocks in mud here, and their hooves look 4 times the size they should be due to the mud sticking to them, am actually looking fwd to Vic mud lol, so yes when settled will give you a call :)

06-07-12, 10:56 PM
Well, I'm sooo excited you're moving down here, md. And with any luck the new place won't be too muddy. Are you still under water, Bats?

06-07-12, 10:56 PM
I'm thinking that I like the mud we have here far better than the black goo you have up north.

06-07-12, 11:12 PM
Pretty much Renvers. Way less feed than last year simply due to the amount of rain (and it is a little cooler). Fortunately hay is as cheap as anything but getting it into the paddocks has proved troublesome. We had wanted to get stone into a lot of the gateways over summer but it never got dry enough. I've got horses that have had wet feet for 18 months now (well not literally but it seems like it). Fortunately you don't seem to get as much mud fever when it is cold and wet rather than warm and wet.

06-07-12, 11:15 PM
Yuk Bats, we are muddy but it dries out pretty quickly, not good that you have been almost underwater for so long, here is hoping it dries out soon, though of course that means drought sigh one can never win with the weather.

08-07-12, 10:42 PM
MD Seymour is North of the divide. Anything North of there has far better Winter weather. They have just had beautiful still sunny days with big frosts!!! It is a good trip to anywhere from Seymour , all on a great highway. Travel safely.

09-07-12, 07:53 PM
Hi there, We welcome you to Victoria. Sorry our weather is not ther best at this time of the year. But you have been given the drum on the warmer sport. Mostly we are friendly and enjoy the company of horsey friends. See you around.

09-07-12, 08:27 PM
MD isn't it funny how people assume that Qld is always sunny and hot. ;)

Here on the Darling Downs, it gets cold, really cold, and wet and muddy. Out lovely fertile black soil is also thick as concrete when it rains. :) We genuinely come back to the house 3 inches taller from the mud on our boots. :)

MD have a safe trip, we will miss you here in Qld but Victoria is richer for you being there. :)

09-07-12, 08:47 PM
I live 35 mins from Seymour and we have reached as low as -5 so far. It's pretty good though, being hilly the water doesn't sit around like it is at Bats' place and you can still get on with jobs with happy animals. :)