View Full Version : Yay-

28-08-12, 10:14 AM
its 9.15am and 1 degree :)
:o that is what "being positive" is all about.

Looks like a nice weekend tho, if the weather man gets it right.

Cyrus forces herself OUT of the house.

28-08-12, 10:40 PM

The weather was beautiful down here today. Bring on Spring I say :D

30-08-12, 05:28 PM
Dam it was awful out there again today.
I even rode Cy in howling winds, as I had organised to meet a prospective person to ride him a bit with me.
I always ride my horse first- as he has that lovely kick up at times he reminds me off as they all bolt in for brekky...
He never put a hoof wrong, but I didnt put a new rider on him ( risking fate perhaps)
Lets hope for NICER weekend.

about 51 secs long :)