View Full Version : Another little Skipper Production- Feel free to critique us :) to Music..

30-09-12, 08:33 PM
The 1A test we did today.. extra marks to he who notices something odd too.

(not my riding Or Skipper)

Bum in and canter at B was not part of the test LOl- those white rails bit you know :)


Fixed it - dumb old me :)

Taken with the DVD camera Aldi had for sale a few weeks back, El Cheapo... but the other half did a pretty good job considering you cannot see anything in daylight through the screen....

I added the music, trying to coordinate to the trot and walk and canter.

So feel free ( if you can see enough) to help us out- not that we have any plans until January to try another Test ( even then it might be to hot for moi :)

05-10-12, 08:47 AM
Again :( a very disappointing result from all the ones out there who like to critique riding :)

Dos no body have anything to say.... even about the fact I almost rode out the gate on my circle from the letter E :oI was following the letter spacing, and the letter V was a whole 6m from K..... I looked up and thought "HOLYSHIT" where am I, this is not a circle LOL
Then I realised that letter was in a rather wrong spot-

I was the first test in the arena for the day .

Otherwise, apart from our bend issues ( coming from me being a stiff as rider) I say I was born that way... even at PE college I had enough strength to be as good as a person who won the Gladiator series...cause I beat her at a few things when we worked together But flexibility is just serious hard work for me..
People say YOGA do Yoga. Well, I tried that, and almost got evicted from class when the bloke next to me who was struggling a little less than me said.... "I have not been in this position since primary school" I could not stop giggling after that... I thought and you think you ar ehaving problems :)

05-10-12, 09:24 AM
"This video is private.
If the owner of this video has granted you access, please log in."

05-10-12, 10:15 AM
the video of the test on cyrus's other thread about the long weekend is accessible - I looked at it the other day, and again just now :)


errm, umm - agree that was a lovely quarters in on longside canter :)

05-10-12, 05:16 PM
Ooops Silly me so that one is :)

Sorry... its a bit like my ride along the long side- not quite right :)

05-10-12, 08:10 PM
There is a definite improvement form old videos.

What a sweet nature he has.