View Full Version : NH Slithering up to Brisvegas in November...tips re transport to and from airport?

25-10-12, 06:08 PM
Am slithering north of the border for secret lawyer business 15-17 November.

Will be attending Novotel in Brisbane on those days so will obviously look at accommodation there.

Have not been to Brisbane since my army days....long...long...ago.
What is transport like between the airport and that hotel?

Anything I should know

Thanks in advance


25-10-12, 06:15 PM
Catching the train from the airport to Central station and then walking a few blocks to the hotel is probably the cheapest and easiest option. Airtrain costs around $15 or so each way and goes around every 30 mins. Taxi is probably your other option but likely to cost a bit more.... I don't really know but I'd guess $30 - $40 each way.

25-10-12, 06:19 PM
AAAAIIIIiiiirrrrtrraaaaiiinnnn..... WWOOoooo.. WWOOoooo..

25-10-12, 06:35 PM
Cheapest and pretty easy option is the train, runs every 30 mins and costs about $20 each way. If work is paying for it I'd get a cab or shuttle bus directly to the hotel.