View Full Version : Stockists Ezy-Ride Stock saddle Sydney region

12-12-12, 02:12 PM
Does anybody know any saddlery that has the Ezy Ride synthetic stock saddle in stock? I've called around a bit and some places can special order it in but I want to have a look/sit/try on before comitting. Anywhere around Sydney/Coast/Canberra region is fine.


Friesian Friend
12-12-12, 02:26 PM
When I originally purchased mine I spoke with Manfred Dobrow (who also imports Boekmann floats) as he is (or was) the importer. Lovely guy, he should be able to tell you who has one in your area, or even arrange one to be sent to your local saddlery or something. His contact details are below, good luck they are so great, really miss mine.

Contact Manfred Dobrow , Bendigo, Vic 0400 488 812 or email - manfred@boeckmann.com.au