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27-01-13, 06:50 PM
http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/images/stories/2013/BoneoPark/CDI3/CDI2013Logo300x200.gifBoneo Park Day 1 Results (http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/images/stories/2013/BoneoPark/CDI3/Results/BPDay1.pdf)Boneo Park Day 2 Results (http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/images/stories/2013/BoneoPark/CDI3/Results/BPDay2.pdf)Boneo Park Day 3 Results (http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/images/stories/2013/BoneoPark/CDI3/Results/BPDay3.pdf)Other Stories- Boneo Park CDI 3* Star Studded Line-up Confirmed (http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/2013010710348/Business-Feature/boneo-park-cdi-3-star-studded-line-up-confirmed.html)- Credit Suisse, the Naming Rights sponsor (http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/2013010310330/Business-Feature/boneo-park-cdi-3-star-2013-25-27-january-2013.html)- Pryde's EasiFeed expand their support of Australian Dressage (http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/2013012410370/Business-Feature/prydes-easifeed-expand-their-support-of-dressage.html)http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/images/stories/2013/BoneoPark/BullwinklwPromo250.jpg
Rozzie Ryan and GV Bullwinkle from NSW are the 2013 CDI 3* ChampionsNote story and pictures to follow.http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/images/stories/2012/BoneoPark/equiscore400.jpg
Many thanks to the Equiscore Team for their sensational live scoring
of the Boneo Park CDI 3* - visit their web site (http://www.equiscore.com.au) for more Results.

More... (http://equestrian.cyberhorse.com.au/2013012710377/Dressage-Results/boneo-park-cdi-3-full-results.html)

27-01-13, 09:41 PM
Some good scores in the novice.

27-01-13, 09:57 PM
Some good scores in the novice.

At 2012 Nationals, winning score in 2C was 77.66%, with 5 combinations above 70% - winning score this weekend was 69.3%.

The 2D this weekend was a little better with 3 combinations over 70%, but again the winning score of 71.7 was 5% lower than that achieved at the Nationals (76.81%).

27-01-13, 11:01 PM
So is the standard up there better or is the judging down here harder?

28-01-13, 11:00 AM
Go Rozzie!!