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perth person
20-10-00, 02:44 PM

i've entered my horse in the led hack at hoty, and was just wondering about a few things.
1. do i lead him in a led-in bridle or his double, as it is a 'hack' class?
2. do i wear riding clothes or an outfit like for led breed classes?


21-10-00, 04:08 AM
Wear somthing smart and easy to run in. Eg smart pants/suit, colour to suit the horse. Plus a hat and gloves. Wear flat shoes easy to run in (top boots look really stupid and you cannot run in them).A plain snaffle is easier so you don't get the reins of the double all messed up. Or if you can get one get a butterfly lead so you have only one lead, and make it long. practice a bit a home trotting him out, giving him a long lead so he can move and isn't crowded by you. make sure he stands square, stops and turns when you do. But don't overpractice or he will anticipate. I got my tips from an arab trainer!

21-10-00, 06:07 AM
Perth Person,

You are dressing so as to not draw attention from your horse to yourself. Thus riding attire or smart casual clothing (no jeans!) should be quite fine. Be practical and choose which ever you find more comfortable to run and handle a horse in. Just be clean, neat and not gawdy.

As for your horse, what do you think would show him/her off the best and which do you find easiest and safest when handling your horse? When showing my own horses, I find a well fitting, clean snaffle bridle with cavesson (or lead bridle) look just fine. I like to use the motto “keep it clean, neat and simple”.

No matter what you use, the judge should be looking at the horseflesh underneath so whether someone else wears their ‘Sunday best’ and uses a double bridle whilst you wear your riding attire and use a snaffle bridle, it should be the horse itself that receives the most attention.

Best of luck and let us know how you go.

21-10-00, 06:33 AM
I would recommend that you wear something that is comfortable, as someone has posted before, you are showing the horse not yourself - I have even shown in shorts when the weather is hot. You would want to use a bridle that you can control him in - whether it be a double or led in bridle. Practice leading him and getting him use to your commands, be prepared to give him a sharp crack with a crop if he doesn't move off when you want him to (in practice - not show of course!)

Good Luck

21-10-00, 06:50 AM
not polypipe? ;-)

retired (the real one)
21-10-00, 01:22 PM
At 2.34 PM today I was being insulted about my age and looks in a meeting at work. Would much rather have been at home surfing that net and playing on CH but alas no. So whoever posted as retired - it wasn't me. Me? In shorts in the showring? Hah!

21-10-00, 01:31 PM
...and wearing the hat Fran told us about.????

21-10-00, 03:09 PM
I really think trousers or a skirt ....not too short ....but NOT shorts in the ring otherwise the advice is good ....good luck:-)

Lady Clairol
21-10-00, 03:21 PM
Hmmmmm. Be very very very careful, Bag ..... this is the vicious world of showing you are entering. We have ways ....

23-10-00, 12:06 AM
Now listen here you lot. Back in the days when I was tall, I looked FANTASTIC in a pair of shorts and could wear any hat I pleased. grumble, mumbele, grumble - lampshade with feet - humph.

23-10-00, 06:56 AM
Have you shrunk retired ?????......the old shorts are now longs???????? You didn't sound short when we chatted the other night LOL:-)