View Full Version : Likit/Jolly Stable Treat...anyone used them?

20-04-13, 12:04 PM
My two ponies managed to go through a 3kg salt lick in 2 weeks :eek: I don't think it's because they need the salt, they're probably bored because there's no grass at the moment.
I'm considering getting them a boredom buster likit toy, has anyone used one of these before? Pros/Cons, was it durable, did the horses figure it out too quickly? Or are their easier home-made alternatives?

They already have small holed haynets to keep them entertained but they still manage to eat their hay pretty quickly. They also have a bottle filled with carrots and lucerne cubes, but I don't want them eating lots of carrots on a regular basis and I'm running out of lucerne cubes and I don't know where to buy more (the ones I have were a free sample from Equitana).

20-04-13, 01:35 PM
I have used a Likit hanging in the stable. lasted 1 night he managed to bail it up and devour the whole thing! I guess it kept him amused for the night!!
I also had a pony who cleaned up 2 salt/mineral blocks in a week, her nose was sooo sore and bloody from the constant muzzling/licking. I have now resorted to pellets and salt in her handful of chaff once a day!!

The outcome is that while I like to keep them amused and happy I've given up on things like these!

20-04-13, 01:55 PM
I spent a fortune on a Likit for my horse who was confined for a long time due to injury, she hasn't touched it!

I got the little Likit, then the ball that hangs below with a Likit on each side, cost me around $80! I'm happy to sell it, it's been hanging up on the stable for 5 months now, and the only thing that has eaten it are the flies, so it has little holes around the edges.

Make me an offer :)

Oh, and it's PINK! LOL