View Full Version : Ten US Riders receive grants to train in Europe

Chris Hartigan
24-04-13, 07:37 AM
Maybe that is what we need to do?

Like Britain prior to the Olympics - at least they have a plan leading up to WEG 2014


Friesian Friend
24-04-13, 08:33 AM
What a fantastic idea, allows those riders to concentrate on what they need to be doing to get results. Wouldn't that be awesome to have something similar in Australia!!

(so I'm a beginner but..........pick me, pick me, pick me......lol)

Chris Hartigan
24-04-13, 10:20 AM
At the bottom of the article are links to other similar articles and one caught my eye re training with Carl Hester and I thought Wow and Double WOW.
If only I was 40 years ( or more) younger :D:D

Friesian Friend
24-04-13, 10:22 AM
Carl Hester - definite WOW.......age has no barrier.....

24-04-13, 06:06 PM
what a great initiative.

for our 2.1 mill. government equestrian aid, well we could by our top ten riders the usa training sessions on dvd an give them that.

aussie, aussie , aussie, io, io.... what ever