View Full Version : The lastest update from Noni and the princess, a clinic with Jana Poppe.

14-08-13, 02:11 AM
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14-08-13, 08:55 AM
Well done :) Nice article too.
My last dressage Test had Jana as the judge, and she was also at our Protocol Day at ARC the month before and I have all her comments well documented on Skippercam :)
Jana has been around our area for quite some time and has worked with friends horses breaking and training.
Lovely lady :) Glad you enjoyed it too

14-08-13, 01:04 PM
Yes Cyrus, she was lovely to work with. It is really nice to have someone new, and not high profile or high cost but still working on the absolute basics. Less hands, more seat, go forward with the back legs actually doing something. A big challenge and a bit daunting to say the least.

It all fell apart yesterday and the Princess and I ended up quite cranky with each other, so we went back to how I normally work her, and gradually tried to turn the looseness into activity with a little less demanding. We reached a compromise at about 30 percent less than the weekend but 10 percent up on normal.

14-08-13, 02:34 PM
You would have a good giggle at her words to me then too.. she shoots straight and fair :)
But also respectfully :)
In saying that, she must have done me some good, as we did the best we ever have after the protocol day, in the test she helped us with- we even got a 9 UNHEARD for moi .... amazing.