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Julie C
09-03-00, 01:16 PM
Bill, is there any way that only one person can use a 'name' at a time? ie: if there was another person listed on this forum with this name it could not be used again????? or is this too hard (please excuse my computer/forum ignorance).

09-03-00, 02:21 PM
It is possible to enforce an individual login per user of the forum, but we don't intend to do it. For the very few occasions where harm is done by someone misusing the "handle" of someone else, the disadvantages of such a system far outweigh the advantages.

For instance, as soon as you have logins, you have passwords and people keep forgetting them. We have enough to do all day without looking up passwords for people and then taking all the precautions to make sure that the person we are giving the password to is really entitled to it.

If it becomes really important to identify an individual, its easy enough to do via our log files, which identify which ISP the person was using. From there, its a simple matter to identify which user id was logged onto the ISP and then to identify the person involved. You are never as anonymous as you might think on the Internet, your every movement is being tracked. Same as if you carry a switched on mobile phone.

09-03-00, 05:28 PM
Does your answer above confirm my suspicions? When you replied regarding ELH suggesting the source, were you answering with 'inside' knowledge?

Julie C
10-03-00, 01:07 AM
thanks Bill, that's about as clear as mud (grin) - after all I am /was blonde you know.

Bill S.
10-03-00, 07:26 AM
Not that clever. Would take a bit more work than that. Just making the point that you can be tracked on the Internet because everything is logged.

30-03-00, 03:45 PM
What if there is a group of people using the same computer as is the case at my place at the moment? We have a discussion group and often discuss a particular topic and post our thoughts to a forum, mostly but not always related to horses.

31-03-00, 02:54 AM
The tracking technology available can tell us which ISP account holder is online at any time. We cannot tell who was driving the keyboard, any more than I could tell you who was driving your car at any time. Still by knowing the location of the computer and the time of the event, it wouldn't normally be difficult to identify an individual.