View Full Version : ATTENTION JAN: question regarding horseware rambo plus light

black beauty
09-03-00, 01:35 PM
Jan, can you tell me if the rambo plus light is suitable for winter, on it's own ?, I live on the north coast of NSW the temp in winter gets to between 15-19 degrees during the day and between 0-5 degrees at night, the normal plus would be to hot for up here and I really would like to use it in autum/spring as well as winter.


Jan Heine
09-03-00, 06:38 PM
Yes BB the Rambo light would probably work for you and with the light you can put a kersey underneath if you feel it is needed. And they are wonderful for Autumn and Spring because they breath so if you leave home in the morning and it is too cold to take rug off and the day warms up your horse will be warmish when you get home but won't be dropping from heat exhaustion like they tend to if you leave them in a canvas all day and the sun comes out. They seem to breath better and yet keep warm if needed - don't understand but they do work and as I said if the mane rubbing does become a problem a piece of sheepskin will fix that.

black beauty
10-03-00, 02:35 AM
thanks jan


10-03-00, 02:47 AM
BB, I just had to add, a few horses around our area have the plus light on all autumn/winter and spring if needed; and they seem to have the most wonderful coats; we're just south of sydney, just north of wollongong, but up on top of the escarpment, so it does tend to get a tad cool!