View Full Version : Please recommend a good farrier on the mornington peninsula!

Salli (Guest)
09-05-02, 10:56 AM
We are desperate to find a really good farrier around the Mornington Peninsula area. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated as without them we are flying blind.
Thanks in advance.

HickNic (Guest)
09-05-02, 12:24 PM
Depending on where you are and if they are available, we have used the following Farriers at different times, and found them all knowlegable and excellent -

P.J. Smith (Main Ridge I think) 5983 2177

Ray Isles (Somerville) 5977 5334

Shaw Palmer (Pearcedale) 5978 7811

Good Luck!

10-05-02, 04:58 AM
Salli, I use Darren Burt. He does hot and cold shoeing. My eldest Flash can be a pain with his back legs and Darren is very patient. He has got a reputation of being unreliable but I have perserveed cause he has such a gentle way with my horses and does an excellent job with thier feet. His contact numbers are
59 78 8126 after 6pm or mobile 0407 854 876 (Moorooduc)

Salli (Guest)
10-05-02, 07:36 AM
thankyou both for your advice and help.

HickNic (Guest)
10-05-02, 10:25 AM
Darren Burt might be a good farrier (actually he is) but unreliable doesn't even come close. We had an urgent situation a while ago - show next day, horse with shoe hanging, assured aus he would be there next morning. Never turned up, didn't answer home phone or mobile, or the frantic messages we left. Have never heard from him again. Shame, but we will only use him if there is no other choice, and he actually turns up!!!!!