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Cool Ponies
17-10-13, 05:53 PM
My normally content mare has developed shocking separation anxiety overnight!
When I bring her up to the stables she's stressing, calling, pawing and paces around the box. This only started yesterday...any thoughts? To bring her in i had to stop and do a few circles, keep going
To stop her running on top of me, which seems to have helped a bit, she walked in ok today and only panicked once in her box

She is already getting mag e in her evening feed

17-10-13, 06:00 PM
Spring!! All mine are difficult at the moment. Pain in the ...neck!! One of mine, usually walks in calmly now takes several tiny trot circles around me to walk about twenty metres!! Pain in the you know where!!

Is she stabled with anyone, can you change her neighbour to the one she misses, Is she in season?

My only solution is to weather it (Sorry can't help)!

Good luck

17-10-13, 06:12 PM
She may be cycling

Cool Ponies
17-10-13, 06:16 PM
She may be on season (being spring afterall) but I can't always bring her in with a friend as I'm on agistment and work odd hours.
Just had a message saying she had cut her head being so upset in the stable, but once the others came in she settled down...

18-10-13, 07:24 AM

18-10-13, 07:00 PM
Hormones & sugar in grass?

19-10-13, 08:45 PM
Sorry to see she's now got an injury, they are PITAs aren't they!

It could be temporary - last year my mare was the same to the point where I started her on Regumate for a month or two. My vet said that when they first start their oestrus (season/heat) the follicle fails to form, so their hormones go ballistic trying to make it happen. As the spring progresses, and the oestrus becomes more regular the follicle forms as normal and the season/heat that she is undergoing is much less dramatic.

Interestingly my mare did not do it this year. But it is an entirely different year here, zero rain and very poor pasture growth, compared to last year's boisterous growth. So I am quite sure the hormones and sugars and in the grasses are partly responsible.

20-10-13, 06:05 PM
My mare's doing the same thing - she's always a bit of a stresshead but in the last week or so in particular I've noticed it. Took her to our orchard to hand graze for about 15 minutes the other day as the grass in there is waist high - the sugar must have gone straight to her head as when I put her back in her paddock she went BALLISTIC doing Makybe Diva impressions around the place, seriously would have won the Melbourne Cup, she went off - purely because she couldn't see the neighbour ponies as they'd wandered off while we were hand grazing. I had to talk to her until she stood still long enough to halter her then keep her company for about 20 minutes just rubbing her head and talking to her before she knocked it off. Silly mare. No more green grass treats for her! Would lowering her feed help? Sometimes cutting back on the lucerne helps my girl chill a little bit.