View Full Version : Vets Oppose Licensing By Racing NSW

18-10-13, 05:40 PM
A proposal to license vets under the Rules of Racing is insulting and could threaten country racing, the Australian Veterinary Association says.
Racing NSW is to introduce a rule requiring vets who treat horses to be licensed, making them answerable to the regulatory body.
But the AVA's Dr Ben Gardiner says the move is an over-regulation of one of the most trusted professions in the country and Racing NSW has not provided any evidence of the need for additional regulation.
"Equine vets are fully regulated already," Gardiner said.
"We have our own code of conduct. It is an insult."
Veterinary surgeons are licensed by the NSW government via the Veterinary Practitioners Board which has the power to censure vets.
"Racing NSW has only made one complaint against a vet to the VPB in seven years, Gardiner said.
"Vets were recently rated No.8 in the most trusted professions in Australia."
Gardiner said vets attended many country meetings on a pro bono basis and the meetings could not be held without them.
"There are 140 race clubs in rural and regional NSW that are likely to be affected," he said.
"Vets will no longer be willing to attend if this (licensing) goes ahead."
Racing NSW chief executive Peter V'Landys said months of negotiations had produced a stalemate and that only vets who treated horses for trainers would be required to be licensed.
He said integrity was the utmost concern in light of recent scandals surrounding other sports and the administration of banned substances.
"We are concerned about the infiltration of non-licensed people in other sports," V'Landys said.
"It is imperative for integrity for vets to be licensed.
"We are not going to take risks with integrity."

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