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29-10-13, 06:06 PM
So the search is on for a horse (finally). I'm doing that thing were I'm so gosh darn exited that everything with four legs and a head incites an 'ohhh its PERFECT for me'. Luckily OH has the sense to sit me down and oh-so-gently explain that a giant unbroken warmblood filly is POSSIBLY not the most sensible pick at this stage of my life...but I digress.

I'm simultaneously sussing out agistment places, getting an idea of which locale would best suit future pony and I. Everywhere I'm considering involves at least 30mins travel without traffic and I'm totes cool with that - more concerned with a happy pony and a happy me than how many km's Im driving. God, did I say totes? It's been a long day at work. Forgive me.

But it got me thinking - does anyone travel massive distances to their agistment? If so, how far? Places I've preliminarily searched are around TH and Dural areas, which are nice and close but frackin' expensive. BEAUTIFUL, and close, but paying through the noooooooose. I'm willing to travel as far up to the Central Coast (from Nth Syd) - does anyone else do that? This isnt another 'I need agistment!' thread - unless you really feel compelled - I'm just after opinions and experiences

And I don't wanna here the ol' "ohh I just walk out my back door", cuz unless you've got a spare room to rent, you're only going to make me cry. Nah, just kidding. Brag away. But I'll still probably cry with jealousy :P

29-10-13, 07:28 PM
I guess it depends on what you want. If you want to ride as near to every day as possible it's not going to work if it's a 2 hour trip to do so. If you just want to have an occasional weekend stroll around the place not so much of an issue. Or you have him/ her somewhere where someone else can train/exercise during the week and you ride on the weekend.

What ever it is more hours in the car means less time with your horse.

Mind you compared to having them on agistment as i used to, compared to at home as I do now where I have to do all the work, I think made better use of my time when all I had to do was ride, groom and feed!

30-10-13, 02:14 AM
We lived in Sydney and kept a horse at Centennial park... yes it was expensive but it was close to where we lived and such beautiful facilities... We had been traveling down to the family farm at Picton over an hour each way a couple of times a week we added up time spent in car, tolls, fuel etc decided to cancel the rarely used gym memberships and brought the horse into the city (he was very obliging about two riders) If you're willing to go as far as the Central Coast, the travel time would be the same to just about all of greater Sydney which gives you plenty of options.

Anyway best of luck on your horse and horse agistment search.

30-10-13, 06:57 AM
Driving to Central Coast because the $$ are cheaper is a false economy. The petrol and the time negates any financial benefits that might be gained.

Dural, Arcadia, kenthurst are not that expensive for agistment when comparing them to Terrey Hills and Central Coast? I would have thought the rates sit between the two.

Have you considered the private properties in the area? There are a significant amount of private properties that just take a single agister to add to their own 1-2 horses.

30-10-13, 09:45 AM
I agist my horse in Arcadia (near Galston/Dural) and travel half an hour each way. I live up past Hornsby so the Central Coast is a half an hour drive as well.
I agist where I do because it's where my coach is, the property is stunning, the level of care is fantastic and I have all the facilities I need. Yes it's expensive but if this exact same property was in Terrey Hills, I'd expect to pay double!
In Terrey Hills you'd struggle to find full care agistment for less than $250 a week. Sure there are places that you can share the chores, buy your own feed etc but these are usually only advertised through word of mouth and are hard to find.
I know some really nice places on the Central Coast that offer full care agistment for $180+ per week. I found Central Coast to be cheaper than both Dural area and TH area but I'd be travelling further to the comps I regularly go to and to my coach for lessons.

30-10-13, 10:52 AM
The other thing I would add, try and find a property with 'like minded' people. I dont know your discipline, but say you were a dressage rider, or a SJ or an eventer, it adds to the enjoyment if others are like you, plus if the owner of the property is a competent coach, that is also, GOLD! If, however you are only into pleasure riding, then it probably doesnt matter so much.