View Full Version : Warning for those with young dogs AND Kentia Palm tree fruits

23-03-14, 08:57 AM
Friends 8 months old pup was losing weight fast, hair falling out all over and even losing interest in his food.

the cause has finally been diagnosed.

he had been eating the fallen palm tree fruit. He had by this time becaome so ill they feared he may have to be put down.

they have three kentia palms. so until they decide if they will remove them as well all fruits have to be removed before he is allowed out to play.

I have heard for years that one of the reasons Hendra has become such a high count in the bat population was so many are eating these fruit since there are so many thousands to be found in cities all around australia now. Problem is they are nothing like date palm fruit, they are very high in fibre and very low in nutrition so bats that can only access them slowly starve to death those that survive on a mix of these and whatever else they can find had lowered immune systems and thus more easily infected with hendra.

that eating them could almost kill a young dog is something neither he or the vet suspected.

So make sure if you have these decorative palms dont leave the fallen seeds on the ground in case your dog gets a liking for them