View Full Version : Charlotte Dujardin for Melbourne Equitana

Chris Hartigan
09-04-14, 07:23 AM

09-04-14, 08:06 AM
Cool. Might have to take a trip to Melbourne. Would rather see her at DWTS though. Equitana leaves me cold.

09-04-14, 09:01 AM
Gee then- I am looking forward to this year :)
I can really work on my "Charlott arms " ha ha as if I will ever get that under control :P

09-04-14, 09:16 AM
Fabulous! And wouldn't it be great if she could do a demo ride on Diamantina?

09-04-14, 09:52 AM
I'm the same, Centaur. Not a fan of Equitana as a format but have booked a flight to Melbourne anyway to see Charlotte and Judy Harvey. I think I am the only one more interested in hearing Judy than Charlotte. :) I hope Charlotte rides in the GP freestyle like Carl did last year.

09-04-14, 02:44 PM
Hopefully we will be there again.

Related question. Does anyone know why there was no Way of the Horse in Sydney 2013but is back for 2014? I assumed it had been axed for lack of interest or something. Instead they had the stock horse team challenge I think.