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Anyone (Guest)
22-05-02, 08:14 AM
Anyone help me. I am after a trainer and instructor in the Central Vicotrian area that will help me with a horse that was broken in badly-ie re-mouth and train a horse. I am not after someone who does dressage etc.. especially but more someone who will do a bit of general work with my horse to teach the basics etc......and do some riding in the open etc.. PLEASE PLEASe help me find someone suitable??????

Heres a thought! (Guest)
22-05-02, 10:32 AM
You could Try Andrew Soper from Blue Ribbon Quarter Horses I know he uses kind methods, he does specialise in Western Performance events. I dont have his number but you could call the Australian Quarter Horse Association in Tamworth NSW for his number if you were interested!! GOODLUCK

Vanny (Guest)
22-05-02, 02:15 PM
My husband re educates and breaks in. We are in Woodend. If that suits you, email me vanny@netcon.net.au for details.

DressageDreamer (Guest)
23-05-02, 01:50 AM
My young one is currently at David Quick's (who is at Murchinson) ... he is also receiving some "re-training" after coming back from a very very well known breaker as unrideable.

David doesn't just do dressage, and the horses are taken out. I highly recommend him as he has made the most drastic changes with my boy.

Jenny (Guest)
23-05-02, 03:57 AM
Where about are you and how far would you travel to get the right trainer? I know of a couple who could suit but you may have to transport your horse there, depending upon where you are etc.

Anyone (Guest)
23-05-02, 04:46 AM
I am between Bendigo and Swan Hill. Yes I have a float and wouldb e able to transport the horse. etc...