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Golden Pony
23-01-15, 11:42 PM
So excited - trip to Austria & Germany is booked! I'll be spending most of my time in Vienna & Berlin.

Does anyone have any tips for horsey shopping in these cities?

Have booked 3 visits to the morning exercise at the Spanish Riding School...can't wait!

24-01-15, 09:10 PM
Can't help with Berlin, but Vienna is gorgeous! To be honest, the shopping was a bit out of our budget at the time and we didn't get to any horsey shops although I do know there is one shop in Vienna that specialises in Equestrian attire (including side saddle). Unfortunately I don't know anything other than the fact that it exists.

Things that you need to add to your to-do list:
- Morning/afternoon tea at the Hoffburg Cafe which is sort of across the road from the admin entrance to the SRS (the door with the hat engraved on the step) and behind the ticket booth. AWESOME coffees!
- If you see a chandelier shop, go inside. It really is worth the experience!
- Take the time to visit Schonnbrun. It is only a 20 minute taxi ride and is beautiful. We didn't even make it inside the palace....we spent the whole day in the gardens! At Schonnbrun, visit the Imperial Coach Museum. It is AMAZING! And part of the exhibition is Empress Elisabeth's equestrian side of life (her riding attire, side saddle, whips, horse portraits, etc are there). The museum is a bit "off the radar" but when you walk into Schonnbrun and head towards the palace, take the road that goes to the right and it is 2-300m down there on the right.
- Take a ride in a fiaker. They are a bit $$$ (about $50AUD from memory), but it is a nicer ride to do it in the Schonnbrun gardens (there is a rank there) than in the city itself. Try to get a driver who can speak English and who can explain the fiaker "system" and how the different companies work. It is really interesting, and it leaves a very different impression than the initial "Black Beauty" slog.

24-01-15, 09:47 PM
Cant help with horsey shopping but Berlin is a wonderful city. There are some riding places near the old Olympic Stadium. Maybe you could do a ride in the Grunewald.