KASSY (Guest)
25-05-02, 03:11 AM
Has anyone bought this brand of top boot? I am looking at purchasing a secondhand pair (6 months old) and have tried to get info from local saddleries re style etc but no-one knows them. They all say that Dublin does not make top boots??
Anyone know whether they are OK??

NikJ (Guest)
25-05-02, 01:59 PM
I have a pair that I bought on sale from Horseland for $150.00 marked own from $275. They have a rubber sole that has worn well for the little use I give them. I had them slightly widened at the top but am going to get that removed as it has turned them a bit wellyboot for me. Apart from that they feel good, look nice when on the horse and most importantly, they have a good grain of leather so have polished up to gloss and broke in easily. The negatives is that their spine is nowhere as good as Petrie's

I think being that Dublin is a Horseland brand, they may have stopped producing them and that is why they are not well known - though my local Horseland has one pair in size 38 left.