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justme (Guest)
26-05-02, 12:00 AM
Hi, I was unable to post to you directly.
I have the same saddle fit problems with my anglo, and was wondering what English saddles you have settled on.

Kat (Guest)
26-05-02, 02:25 PM
Hello, I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in here. I don't know what your actual saddle fitting problem is, but I also had a hard to fit anglo. The best saddle I have now found to fit is just a plain old Bates Caprilli dressage saddle, (show saddle model) which is heaps cheaper than all the other european saddles I was looking at. I have not been a fan of these saddles before, bit with this horse, am converted. It is comfy to ride in, and fits correctly with an extra wide gullet, very easily changed, and padded to fit by a very good saddler.It also looks pretty good! And I have saved lots and lots of dollars!!