View Full Version : The Big Dance Ready For Next Step

23-08-15, 08:00 PM
The Big Dance is ready to do some light work this week after passing a series of tests following a Moonee Valley fall.
Trainer Danny Curran said the filly had undergone a thorough veterinary examination and been given the all-clear.
Although she appears well physically, Curran is keen to get her back into work to to determine whether there are any mental scars.
The Big Dance created an impression with her debut win at Bendigo in March and finished fourth behind Petits Filous at Moonee Valley on August 1.
But after the race, the filly became agitated and eventually crashed through the running rail, falling and taking jockey Dean Yendall with her.
Curran said he was still at a loss to explain The Big Dance's behaviour although it was her first trip away from his Bendigo stable.
"I think she got lost and panicked because she didn't know where she was, Curran said.
"She had never been away from home before.
"We'll never know 100 per cent what happened, but she seems OK.
"She had some back soreness which we're dealing with, which either came from the race when she did slip at the start or from crashing through the rail and having a heavy fall.
"Physically we've taken her through all the steps we can do and it's now a case of getting her back into a preparation and monitoring it from there."
Curran said he would evaluate The Big Dance's chances of a return to racing towards the end of the spring after her return to work.
But he said he would not be taking any chances with her.
"She might have a week and then want to go to the paddock," he said.
"If she doesn't come back until she's four it won't worry me.
"We'll let her do it when she's ready and not a moment before."

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