silent (Guest)
30-05-02, 05:57 AM
over a year ago i was given a horse, no money changed hands, am i able to legally sell the horse without getting into trouble with the previous owner or the law,i have kept in contact with the previous owner,but last contact was made about 6 mths ago and i have lost contact information, the previous owner never rang me to see how the horse was i always contacted them

Sarah (Guest)
30-05-02, 06:10 AM
Was a contract signed? If not then you may come into trouble if they are not happy with it. I have sold a horse on that was given to me, but the owner was happy that I did this.
Sorry I can help though :-)

??? (Guest)
30-05-02, 06:16 AM
Wow this could get tricky.
What sort of agreement do you have with this lady, was anything signed if not i would try and work something out now before selling the horse on just in case. If she is bitter about you selling the horse you have obvisouly taken this horse on out of good faith so therefore you could give her a big bill for how long you have had the horse with all the costs involved e.g. all his feed, upkeep, the training you have done with him and i'm sure she would soon realise she could not pay this and would be more than happy to sign him over to you.
Need more details though to help?

silent (Guest)
30-05-02, 06:27 AM
nothing was signed no contract,have tried to find old owner but have lost address/phone number,is high maintenance horse feed wise,has cost a bit to keep over the 12 mths i have had it

??? (Guest)
30-05-02, 06:39 AM
Yes well i dont think there would be to many problems if the owner hasnt made contact for that amountb of time.
If she does come back at you and say but that horse was mine i would have the full bill sitting ready waiting for her and i asure you you i dont think she will bother anymore.
I mean her horse cant of meant that much to her if she hasnt been in contact with you for that long anyway.
But next time if you do get a horse given to you - make sure you do get something signed even if no money is exchanging hands becuase people can have sour grapes.

LisaL (Guest)
30-05-02, 07:34 AM

Having been in that position, I would first ring the person who gave you the horse and say, this is the situation, I've got a buyer - do you mind? Having had friends in that position (people who've loaned/given away horses and people who've received horses) it is best if you communicate to the original owner of the horse. I would even make an offer of a certain % of the sale price to the original owner if no money had exchanged hands in the first place.

Say your grandmother gave you a present for christmas what would you do if you were offered money for that present later - how would you expect your grandmother to handle the situation.

The other option is to just lease/gift the gift horse - that way if the owner does come storming back wanting the horse say to them, couldn't afford it, such and such has it, its in their care......and as far as we're concerned its your horse and here is the bill.

You should also contact your state government agricultural department/courts and see what your state laws are, in some states if stock are left on the property for over a year without payment or agreement they are considered the property of the landowner, in other states this is not the case. The last thing you need is a theft charge against you.

How would you feel if you gave away a horse and then you heard it had been sold? (As has happened on many occasions). Always treat others with the respect that you would like accorded to yourself.


md (Guest)
30-05-02, 10:23 AM
I gave a horse away a couple of years ago, and this would be my feeling of the situation. I gave the horse away as she was being wasted with us and we needed to cut our numbers, however I didn't want to sell her on to an incorrect home and gave her away to what I hope and still hope is a great home. I however have kept in some contact with who I gave her too.
I would hope in this situation that the current owners would contact me to give me first option of taking the horse back.
In regards to monies owed for looking after the horse, this I feel is not in question as no money was required for previous training etc...ie I gave the horse away with current training etc....
This has prompted me to contact the owners of the horse I gave away as I moved house three weeks ago. Cheers