kev (Guest)
30-05-02, 02:08 PM
RSPCA(Victoria)Animal Charter www.ezycolour.com.au/RSPCA/VIC/chart.html

No1. Animals have an INTRINSIC value of their own and accordingly,must be considered to possess THE RIGHT to live in a way which enables them to have a POSITIVE life and to DEVELOP and ENJOY their INHERENT qualities.

Horses kept in darkened stables for years without exercise?

Pay particular attention to no.10

Any animal suffering from DISEASE,injury,or debilitation,must be given first aid or appropriate veterinary attention quickly. If the affliction CANNOT BE CURED, or if it involves PERMANENT AND SERIOUS DISABILITY,the animal MUST BE HUMANELY DESTROYED.

The sister, Francesca quoted on the A Current Affair programme Friday evening `that the horse will never be as such, as normal` The vet was also quoted to have said `the horse would never make a complete recovery`

I think this contravenes the terms of the Animal Charter of the RSPCA Victoria.????????

Johnny's Mum (Guest)
30-05-02, 02:25 PM
Would seem so wouldn't it.............

Also, I was watching a replay of 'Animal Hospital' this afternoon whilst sitting in Hospital waiting for Horsey daughter to return from Theatre after having 3 impacted wisdom teeth cut out (OUCH - no riding for a few days!!!) anyway, to return to the point of my ramble here, there was an RSPCA inspector talking about responsible animal ownership, and she went thru about 6 or 7 points that must be considered. One was that the animal MUST have the 'ability to express it's natural behaviour'.
Have no idea if this is something that can be enforced legally, but an interesting point. These horses sure can't.

Berni (Guest)
30-05-02, 05:32 PM
Kev, There is a very clear contravention of points 1 and 10 - I cannot understand what is keeping everyone from taking some action.

There is no way that a life in solitary confinement could be viewed as enabling a horse to 'enjoy' his inherent qualities - I just cannot understand how these poor creatures have had their torture allowed to continue when this document appears to put is all so clearly.

Pommy Pom (Guest)
31-05-02, 12:57 AM
This is ludicrous! I've emailed this info to Derry Hinch and Ernie Sigley. I'm so angry that this is taking so long. And if Ray Horsey has nothing to hide, he should talk on air, as it stands his reputation is currently being questioned and if he wants to retain his standing amongst the rest of the horse community, then he should stand up and say something.