View Full Version : Feeding Horses Bread

Amy (Guest)
01-06-02, 02:40 AM
Can anyone please advise me as to the pros and cons of feeding horses bread?

As always, some of my friends say it is great but others say they would never.

Please help!

Debbie (Guest)
01-06-02, 02:48 AM
My horse just looovvve bread. I only give it ocassionally and then only a small amount. I have too don't know whether it is good or bad and would like to know.

ps. If my horses ever need medication eg Bute powder etc. I make a molasses sandwich with the powder in the middle. They always gulp it down.

Whoa Nelly (Guest)
01-06-02, 04:53 AM
Mine like a piece as a treat. I think your talking about really feeding them lots though eg day old bread such as you feed cattle. We give it to cows but they have lots of stomachs. I'd say it would not be good for horses.

I have seen bread fed in bulk to horses but only at "Dodgey Bros Rent a Horse" never seen it used anywhere where people know about horses. The time I saw it fed I noticed a hugh pile of the plastic tags from the packets on the ground. An environmental disaster but also a big hazard to stock - they'd make a mess in the gut.

I'm sure someone with real knowledge and not just gut feeling will answer this but it's a good question!

Lauren (Guest)
01-06-02, 05:19 AM
My horses love bread- and love rolls. i break it up tho coz sometimes it can get stuck in there mouth, but shouldnt it be the same as humans, because if you are chockign on something ive herd u should eat bread. But yes its great for giving butes to a horse, just put penut butter in breed

Eddy (Guest)
01-06-02, 05:57 AM
I've heard that it is good for maintaining condition however it would probably not do their teeth or digestive tracts a favour (because they don't chew it). Horses that eat a lot of bread don't seem to bother with normal horse feed which would be bad nutritionally.

kalamata (Guest)
01-06-02, 08:05 AM
I had a girlfriend who was feeding her ponies on good quantities of bread mixed with white and green chaff. They foundered. Grain founder I think she said the vet advised. I have been told that it ferments quickly in the gut - something to do with it being a carbohydrate but not complex enough? She gave up feeding the bread really fast! I think a little slice every now and again is nice as a treat, but not as part of the staple diet. Ring and ask the vet for some advice.

Lou (Guest)
01-06-02, 01:05 PM
Horses need to eat natual food. Therefore any food which has been processed for humans is not an option as a staple diet. Horses' digestive systems are not designed to break down processed food (which includes bread).

If you choose to feed your horse excessive amounts of bread you will have to deal with problems such as consitpation on a short term basis and malnutrition on a long term basis as in a horses' nutrition cannot be met on a diet of bread.

In designing a diet for your horse, you should only include natural ingredients in their puriest form. I would recommend reading a book called Natural Horse Care by "Pat Coleby".

vps (Guest)
01-06-02, 02:36 PM
Bread. well if god had of thought it was suitable for horses he would have started it years ago!!! We bought a mare that had been fed on bread for 9 years. she had massive allergies to barley, oats, corn, wheat etc etc. Makes you wonder hey. After lots of money and desensitisation she made a reasonable recovery ( we nearly lost her after 3 months of ownership) of course the previous owner said just feed her two loaves a day shell be right. She had permanent fat deposits. Did not have the best breeding history we found out later of course. We just lost this mare who was in the top end money wise ( thank god it was a partnership thing and not my money) and emotionally put me and my family and my kidlets through a very traumatic time. BREAD> keep it for treats. I would never wish anyone to go through what we did and 4 seperate vets will all say her problems were more than likely related to her diet etc.