View Full Version : Some mornings are just harder than others.... How was your weekend? Horse keeping too

08-11-16, 10:26 AM

I enjoyed presentation by Stuart Myers that was Hosted at Mogendoura Farmstay at Mogendoura close to Moruya ( https://www.facebook.com/Mogendoura/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf&qsefr=1 ) and lands council subsidized the costs .


The idea rotates around a central home area for your horses, so you must want to keep your horses in groups , of course, rather than singular paddocks.

If you ever want a stay near the sea and your own personal river to swim in the cottages now have yards for people with horses too.

And today we managed to ride a bit, and will head off to watch a movie soon.
Harry and Snowman


How was your weekend ?

and do your horses always like your riding plans too, or do they RUN away when they see you coming :P

08-11-16, 10:29 AM
and I think I might need a few tissues in my bag too :)