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11-01-17, 07:01 PM
To all those computer geeks out there. (i'm sure someone is even if they have to get off their horse to be a geek) I use Telstra pre paid Wi-Fi for my computer internet access. When I went to check my balance got an error message and a whole lot of "geek stuff" that may as well have been in Swahili. All I understand is I can no longer access my account details or recharge because I don't have an update to SHA 2. Does anyone know what I can do to get these SHA 2 updates The Telstra site just says buy a new device.

11-01-17, 11:39 PM
.... have you tried updating your phones web browser to it's latest version ? - your one might be too old to understand SHA 2 ? can't you recharge those things via SMS ?

12-01-17, 08:35 AM
My phone is fine it is the computer "toggle" thingy that is the problem and as far as I know I do not have the ability to us SMS on the computer. The computer does all its normal updates but those obviously do not include the updates to SHA 2. Why? who knows I don't. Thanks for the thought anyway