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Hazel (Guest)
25-06-02, 03:56 AM
I have a flaxen chestnut horse who has a beautiful "white" mane. Her tail is somewhat near the "blonde" regions rather than white, and even though she is a clean mare, i.e. doesn't poo or piddle in her tail, the tail tends to get a bit grubby in the paddock! What are good products to use to really whiten/brighten up this tail? I have used blue shampoo etc. I am based in New Zealand but am sure I could get hold of any outstanding products anyone can suggest. If you could also include prices of these products it would be good as if I can't get them here, I can see if it is worth importing. :)

Showy (Guest)
25-06-02, 04:18 AM
Unfortunately it will probably take you a while to get all the stains out but it will happen.
With white tails they need to be bagged 24/7.
Wash the tail every weekend with magic silver white - if it is really stained you may evne have to bleach it but see how you go only do the bleach option if you really have to!
Just make sure you continually keep it condiitoned and do as little brushing as possible so the tail stays nice and thick!

25-06-02, 04:46 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jun-24-02 AT 12:50PM (AEST)[p]My tb has a huge white tail and it can be a problem keeping it clean.

I use Champion Tails Stain Remover when its real bad. Even the filthest tail will come up clean after two washes with this stain remover. For weekly washes I use a 'blue' type highlight shampoos - they work really well also.

I wet the tail thoroughly, mix up the stain remover PROPERLY and soak the tail (stuff the tail in a bucket of the stuff), then I let soak for awhile, then a scrubb with the brush, then a rinse and repeat the whole thing. I then use conditioner and while this is soaking in I seperate the tail up with my fingers, then once I have rinsed I use Top Tails to keep it knot free.

Once I have done this super wash I can then wash it once a week or fortnight, depending on how dirty it is. I also dont always keep it bagged as I like them to beable to use their tails for flies. The Top Tails repels the dirt too :-)

Niki (Guest)
25-06-02, 04:55 AM
I have exactly the same problem with my grey horse. He has a very blonde tail and no matter what i do he always gets it dirty. I had this purple shampoo which seemed to work very well but i honestly can't remember the name of it. Tail bags seem to be the only way to keep him reasonably clean.

Debbie (Guest)
25-06-02, 05:04 AM
I have a grey who swims in the dam and is generally a feral dirtbag - not a good look for a white tail !!!

The only thing that I found to take that stained look away was good old "Magic Silver White". You should be able to get this in NZ at either chemists or hairdressers and it is really cheap. When I went to get mine the young girls in the shops had no idea what I was on about. I found a more "mature" lady who knew exactly what I wanted and got it for me.

I used the blue shampoos a few times first and then used the MSW in a medium strength mix. When I found the strength that worked for me I wrote it on the bottle so that I could remember next time.

Cheers & good luck

MK (Guest)
25-06-02, 05:16 AM
The cheapest and easiest method of keeping a white tail stain free is to just keep it in one single plait. No lost tail bags!
Our pally's (& other colours) live with their tails plaited 24/7, even ridden. Just replait once a week and comb as little as possible. In twelve months time you can go from a short little wispy broom to a gloriously long tail!

bec.h (Guest)
25-06-02, 05:43 AM
I have always used Marther gardners wool mix. Woolen clothes wash liquid. very gentle gets everything out without turning it blue. I use it on the dogs as well if there skin is ichy.

Louie (Guest)
25-06-02, 05:54 AM
You lucky thing having a chestnut with Blonde tail, I used to have a mare with blonde mane and tail and it used to look so good in competition. I had a tail bag on her all the time and used champion tails shampoo, also the Magic Silver White was fantastic just dont make it too blue though.

MandyE (Guest)
25-06-02, 04:20 PM
I can vouch for that because I've seen em!


PS: DON'T go for the bleach! It can turn the hairs yellow. Something I use very sparingly is NapiSan, not sure if you'd have it over there, but it's what we soak dirty nappies in, it's also fantastic for white joddies and breeches. Something else I've tried is a pre-wash spray, No Kidding! Spray it onto the dry tail, don't get it on their skin, and let it soak in for a little bit, then use your Napisan, or liquid clothes wash, then regular shampoo. If you're using the pre-wash and NapiSan, it is absolutely imperative that you condition afterward.

Skeeta (Guest)
25-06-02, 11:30 PM
Now I will let you all in a little trick of mine!!!
Wet the tail first then use Shower Power or the like , DO NOT GET IT ON YOUR HORSES SKIN OR DOCK only the tail hair ,this will get the build up of grime out, the tail will still look yellow this is where you use Champion Tails Silver Highlights Shampoo, we have shown greys for many many years and never used tail bags and always have people ask how do we get our tails so white.

Good Luck


jenny (Guest)
26-06-02, 06:12 AM
My little trick to clean my old mud monster (flea bitten grey).
Lots of good old sunlight soap and Blueo(think that;s how it;s spelt) get it from the laundry aisle at the supermarket .Just scrub neddy with soft brush -maybe even twice-rinse off -Iuse the blueo straight -but be careful not to leave on to long -then wash off with more soap --no more mud monster-beleive me that boy just gleamed. good luck

Debbie (Guest)
26-06-02, 08:56 AM
I just remembered another thing we use that is excellent. Good old Sard wonder soap. It is brilliant for white socks especially but also for tails.