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11-03-00, 12:24 PM
I have a TB off the track who's just started eventing. He's really good at home, but when I take him out he's a real nightmare. Someone suggested to be to use ear plugs on him. As I have never used them before I'm after any advice.

Also where do you get them from??

Any information would be appreciated.

Jan Heine
11-03-00, 03:00 PM
Yes ear plugs do work - the best and simplest way is to use wads of cotton wool and ear muffs over the top. We do have proper plugs but theywere bought in America and I have never seen them here in Aus. Now be careful because sometimes putting the plugs in can be equally traumatic - you may need to use a twitch to get them in and the first time you do it perhaps have two people - one to hold the horse and one to put the plugs in - putting the ear muffs on is the easiest bit. What they will do is muffle the often terriying (to a horse) sounds and can have the effect of calming them down a bit. Good luck and let me know how you go with it.

11-03-00, 03:39 PM
What about the saddlrey shop at the trots? In SA they have one at the trots during meetings. Trotters often wear earplugs so I would assume they would have them.

Julie C
12-03-00, 01:10 AM
At home I have put an old stereo in the stables and it is on while the horses are boxed....really loud. They soon get used to noise. If one is particularly fractious I just move the radio dial a little off the station, (lots of static like you get at shows (smile) -then when I take out the young ones...they might look at everything else but as a rule they are used to the noise.
I don't know if this will help your fella but I do know of a couple of hacks off the track that this has helped.
good luck

12-03-00, 05:05 AM
Also, if you go to your health store you should get hold of some Bach Rescue Remedy for you and for him....it will keep you calm, and you can rub some on his neck. It really does work!
Just clear your mind when you're there with him, and rub it on thinking incredibly calm thoughts...!

pony person
25-03-00, 04:15 PM
Speaking of ear plugs, does any one know if the ban has been lifted from Sydney Show this year. Last year there was a bit of talk that they would be allowed this year!

By the way,,,yes they work. I make mine out of black panty hose stuffed with cotton wool. Seems to do the trick pretty nicely.