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12-03-00, 12:17 AM
I think he now has an inkling of how these things can be - and also hope whoever took the first message has also read all of these.
Can I also say, having frequented many forums, that the fascinating thing is that they seem to take on the personality of those who most frequent them.
They cxan be exceedingly bitchy - childish in the extreme - boring - or like this one, helpful, ,mature, very useful and with a magical sense of humor that makes you - if you are away for a day or two - wonder what's going on in your absence the cyber friendship is perhaps the way of the future.
Chat pages and ICQ are also fine. Someone said recently (in derisive tone)why my son chats on them. She looked differently when I said that one of the people he chats with is a DEAF girl, who, via ICQ is on a totally equal footing with anyone else in the world. oooooh - sh said.
Thanks again yo lot, I am grateful, to Bill CLinton, Prince William, Bill Roycroft, Queen Victoria and all the Reg's.

12-03-00, 02:03 AM
So glad that this helped with a little understanding of the way these things work. Never a go at Reg but it proved that anybody could do it. Printing things out from here can always be a little risky, well a lot, because you can never be sure who really did write it. Argue the meat of the message but not who put it there.
A day without cyberhorse OMG!!! How could you possibly cope!

Jan Heine
12-03-00, 02:51 AM
Number One child has informed me that when she and I go away on holidays in June (for two weeks) in honour of her 21st birthday - there are rules!! No horse related stuff and NO cyberhorse connection - Ohhhhhhh she is a cruel and heartless person - how could I have spawned someone so cruel - ahhh but what she doesn't know is that my mates have a computer and I will be able to "sneak" in when she isn't looking and catch up! Also has been suggested that I send her night clubbing so she sleeps in and I go horsing around! Good idead eh!?

Caroline ..aka. queen victoria
12-03-00, 04:56 AM
a pleasure, fran.
Jan - I think your daughter definitely needs to be introduced to all night clubbing; and incredibly long sleepins to at least 1pm.....
she must realise that just allowing you a little horsey time will be much better for your mental health ..and hers!

12-03-00, 06:57 AM
Yes, definatley long days on the beach - long nights night-clubbing... and the moral of this story is - before you go visiting - ensure the friends have computer, modem and access tothe NET!!
Imagine the pain....it's bad enough when I'm away for the day and come home and have to get L and M's dinner before switching on.. then there will be 9 to 12 messages in the mail box ! JOY!
Jan if you are away for a week it will be overflowing....

12-03-00, 08:40 AM
Poor Jan???? I think I'm going to throw up!!!!

She'll come back with a real suntan and a relaxed and slightly smug smile on her face and very deliberately set about to make us all green with envy.

But at least we've all been here on Cyberhorse and she hasn't!!!!!

Ner ne ner

Fran it was a wonderful idea of yours for us all to be Reg Cleland for the day. One of the funniest days yet, don't you think? We should do it again - maybe not Reg again (the poor guy).

Any ideas?

Jan Heine
13-03-00, 02:12 PM
No suntan, no sitting on beach relaxing - Number One daughter is into the Performing Arts!! We are talking NO DAYLIGHT for me for two weeks - the theatre, the theatre and then some more theatre - now I love the theatre but I love fresh air AND my horses! Oh not that I don't love the kid - BUT she does talk back and the ponies don't - they just love me - nothing to do with the polo mints I always carry in all pockets for them! And so please no stories to make you all jealous - quite the contrary - unless of course I can sneak away and possibly get in a horse show or two in the glorious Emerald Isle in which case I will write a full report on what I see! Well a gals gotta work doesn't she!?

15-03-00, 04:57 AM
Fi Mardling and I are doing Toowoomba from March 31 April 1 are you up there then?.
they are flying us in on March 28.... hanged if I know what they htink we cna do for three days with no show...and can't visit anyone cause all we know up there are SHOWIES!!!!

Or does anyone have any advice what to see and do round Toowoomba - or can suggest any good boooks to read?

Jan Heine
15-03-00, 03:51 PM
Not sure Toowommba would please number one child - I am guessing (and please if I am wrong feel free to tell me) that the live theatre isn't great up there!! Now I need to know who is flyig you up to Toowoomba and why? No show but you know showies up there - I am very confused - please explain yourself young lady!! Why,what,how and who please!?

Jan Heine
15-03-00, 04:23 PM
of my keyboard! I have just reread what you wrote Fran and now understand it!!! Doh!! Am I dumb or what!? Face red, very embarrassed - you are going up to judge but they are flying you in three days early - you can't meet up with any friends because you will be accused of all that collusion stuff! Have I got it right this time? (she says with very embarrassed bleatingly dumb tone in the voice!)OK if I have it right then here are some suggestions - find out who is prepared to take you to the most expensive restaurant and then make sure everyone else knows you are going so that they can all send bottles of very expensive beverages to the table and then at the show make sure you award the least likely horses/ponies 1st placing especially if you didn't have dinner/drinks with them! You know totally confuse them about what is required to win! And the most important question is - do the organisers also fly the Queens of the Aliceband Brigade in or do they have their own branch office in Toowoomba? Now if this suggestion doesn't enthuse you - take a couple of disguises with you and visit friends wearing the disguise of a bob hairstyle, pearls and Aliceband - they will never know it is you!

15-03-00, 11:57 PM
That's ok and not a bad idea - I could walk around with my handbag hanging open for the bribes to be dropped in...
Funny hting about the Alice Bands, I have begun to notice them on people - that stupid Phoebe onb Friends wear them all the time... and that STUPID woman co-hosting the races on channel 10 on Monday had a pale blue one with something that looked like an electrocuted hibiscus on top of it.. both are total well spoken twits so the Alice Band theory LIVES!

16-03-00, 02:20 AM
There's a great seafood restaurant in Toowoomba where you can eat HEAPS. Make them take you there then you can get up for seconds - it's smorgasbord - and talk to your mates as you fill your plates.

There are also some very nice Boer Goats just out of town too. Could be a good option as an antidote to alicebandas. There are few things as down-to-earth as a GOAT.

Have fun

ps. They call it the Garden City, but I COULDN'T find the garden... perhaps the aliceband had slipped over the eyes for a moment?

16-03-00, 04:57 AM
Oh Geraldine - thanks!!!! Any other clues as to visual occupation for the three days - especially as the letter firmly tells us we are NOT to order brekkie at the motel... they will feed us Fri and Sat... but how the Sam Hill are we supposed to eat prior??

Jan Heine
16-03-00, 09:27 AM
Mmmmm - the visuals are too funny - Fran and Fi packing their luggage and sandwiches and cereal and fruit (that's the healthy bit-bugger the fruit fly stuff) and arriving with stuff alll over their clothes! Perhaps you are expected at "certain" people's places for breakie - perhaps this is considered "more discreet" than dining with showies in public restaurants! Are you allowed to drink the cups of tea and coffe provided in the little cupboards in motels? Or is this out of bounds too!? Bet you are really looking forward to going!?

16-03-00, 09:39 AM
Oh dear, poor Fran. . .
The last time I was in Towoomba, I felt like I was stuck in a time warp in many respects- especially with regards to clothing and entertainment!
So don't dress too fashionably darlink, coz you don't want to outdo the T/ba Alicebanders (but since they're so behind does that make them pre-ab's??) and for goodness sake don't get sudden cravings for a lot of junk food as you may have to drive quite some distance to find some. . . But there is plenty of healthy stuff there.
Actually, I am exaggerating a tinsey bit and quite possibly much has changed, but take lots to amuse yourself, both a summer and winter wardrobe and a big big smile (even if it's pasted!).
What are you judging???

16-03-00, 11:32 AM
they keep it close to their chest,,, and we find out when we get there... but of course showies being what they are - I hear already what I'm giving champion to... well I have news for some...
I HATE IT!.. .that is of course if I get to judge it...
Pack of maniacs... but then again, I have plenty of other things I could do on that weekend so if these showies are so sure, I could just send a note, tell them who to give it to and save the society a lot of money... idiots!

16-03-00, 12:31 PM
We go to Toowoomba to compete usually three times a year. If it's any consolation the surface on the main ring is fabbo and if you get the good stables (which there are lots of) they are fabbo too.

I will say unreservedly that there is NO nightlife in Toowoomba. Dad and I drove around one Friday night trying to find an ATM. There are very few people on the streets (except for ones that you tend not to want to associate with) & very little is open. Except for KFC and Maccas and of course Pizza Hut which we frequented quite often.

However! If you really are very desperate there is Sizzlers and there is also the Lonestar Steakhouse which does a good steak.

There's a reasonable shopping centre with a Woolworths. You could buy some magazines? and some books? Or even some extra Alice Bands?

There is a Main Drag. If you are the athletic type there is a muncipal pool and Glennie School also has a indoor heated.

Speaking from my experiences of Toowoomba...I don't envy you one bit. There's bound to be some sort of tourist office, probably along the main drag somewhere.

Oh - tell me where you are staying - I can probably drag out the dirt on what that is like too - between my parents & the rest of our friends we have done every hotel within 20 minutes of the grounds.

17-03-00, 01:58 AM
Oh ELK, I bows to your clever little post. Describes Toowoomba to a 'T' and then finishes with this one:

'Oh - tell me where you are staying - I can probably drag out the dirt on what that is like too -
between my parents & the rest of our friends we have done every hotel within 20 minutes of the
grounds. '

Very, very clever possum. LOL. Just a word of advice though. When you go to reception for the room numbers, tell a believeable story or else they won't give them to you. Perhaps a large array of flowers and a florists uniform?
Fran and Fi - keep your eyes open for the envelope under the door.

17-03-00, 05:54 AM
Oh god no! That wasn't my intent...and I'm definitely tied up in Brisbane over the Royal Show.

But, there are some really really ordinary hotels close to the showgrounds and if they won't let you order breakfast it's my guess they haven't put you into a ***** hotel either...

One last thing, I am relatively sure there is a cinema in the main drag. You might be able to waste a day there. We have probably done 20 days all up in Toowoomba competing over the last couple of years, so I haven't seen much of it except at night (when it's pitch black, they economise on street lights).

17-03-00, 01:10 PM
The man with the mustache and round eyes - you know - the one who will NEVER judge at a big show down here while I'm breathing.... has been at it up there - so has the thin one with the beard down here... both will pay dearly...
I'll e mail you... you are well out of all this.