View Full Version : can anyone tell me in qld where abouts to find out info on trail???

01-08-02, 01:27 PM
hi i was interested in finding out if there were any clubs or places where u can find out how to start trail riding.... i mean as in western pleasure sought of trail riding like over little bridges.... hope u can tell me thanks heaps bye!!!!!!

Kim (Guest)
02-08-02, 01:10 AM
What part of QLD are you in? I might be able to help you out....

leigh (Guest)
03-08-02, 12:12 PM
kim im in a place called burpengary near caboolture

sue (Guest)
06-08-02, 02:25 AM
Have you looked under the AQHA website. They have the clubs listed there so if you contacted one near you they'd be able to help you out as a lot of clubs run clinics covering different topics, so that could be a starting point for you. I'm only starting out in QH showing and that's how I've got going, by doing the clinics and starting out in the improver classes (I got hubby to build me a gate) and I'm talking him into building me a bridge), I've got heaps of poles for lope overs, etc. and a few drums to practice my back arounds. However, its a VERY competitive event, even in the improver class, so it pays to familiarise your horse with all obstacles in the class before you begin competing. Its a fun event!!